Hami (Wanda II)

HAMI (Wanda II) 

Today we get to take a gander at the stunning work that Tom Rundle has been undertaking on his classic launch – Hami, previously named Wanda II. Wanda II was built in 1948 by the Lane Motor Boat Company, and as launched she was 38’6”. Tom purchased Hami off Chris Horsey, brother of Steve Horsley of SY Ngatira fame. View photos from then at link below: https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/11/25/wanda-ii/

Under Tom’s watch Hami has had a major refurbishment with all the latest bells and whistles added, but very cleverly tucked away out of sight. Power comes from twin BMC Commodore 55hp diesel engines. You can view the early days of the project here:   https://waitematawoodys.com/2020/11/12/wanda-ii-refurbishment/

In Tom’s words “the exterior is fairly under control, its now back to teak comings and decks glassed. New hatches bar the original butterfly hatch which was saveable, and gradually changing out the old windows. Cockpit still to top coat and a few touch ups. Systems are on track- all new electrical, plumbing, steering and tankage. The interior is about 80%, still some lining and finishing, but usable for summer.”

Chatting with Tom he was very complementary to the help and guidance given to him by boat builder Geoff Bagnall and Curly Salthouse, Tom says he even followed some of the advice 🙂 The fold away dinghy davit is by Larry Randell of Randell Stainless and a work of art.

Tom has very high standards so I had to lean on him to get the above photos, once Hami is finished we will go back for a A > Z story on the project.

Woody Easter Weekend at Kawau Island







Today’s photo gallery of woodys comes to us from the camera’s (phones) of Jason Prew and Nathan Herbert and were taken over Easter weekend in and around Kawau Island. Boats featured are Jason’s – My Girl, Nathan’s – Pacific, Peter & Jenni Mence’s – Eileen Patricia, Jason & Yan Davies – Lucinda. Plus cameo appearance from Paul Tinghy’s yacht -Wotan and Madeline Rundle’s launch Hami (previously Wanda / Wanda II).

Lucinda was built in 1930 by LC Coulthard and has just been re-launched after undergoing some running repairs at The Slipway Milford. Work included re-powering – out went the 50hp Perkins and in went a 100hp Isuzu, giving her a top speed now of 14>15 knots.

Wanda II Refurbishment


Mooching around The Slipway Milford yesterday I spotted a familiar looking shape, closer inspection revealed Wanda II was hauled out as part of her ‘rolling’ restoration. Previous WW stories tell us she was built in 1948 by the Lane Motor Boat Co. for Fred Porter. She measures 38’6’ and is powered by twin BMC Commodore 55hp diesel engines.

Her current custodian / owner has virtually gutted the interior and is refurbishing her to better match the demands of classic woody family cruising. Whilst the latest fittings and systems are being utilized, her owner has a very sympathetic eye to detail so I’m confident she will look fantastic.Milford wooden boat builder Geoff Bagnall was onboard while I was there replacing / sistering some ribs. I think that is what he was doing 😉

Great to see her at Milford, hopefully providing motivation to Cam Malcolm, head honcho at the Slipway, to accelerate the work on his – Connie V, one of 3 sister ships – Wanda II, Connie V and Doreen. Connie V is currently directly in front of Wanda II inside the shed.   

In the top photo, the woody alongside Wanda II is – Uhuru Jack, getting some TLC. She would have to be one of the oldest residents of Milford Creek Marina.

photo ex Ken Rickets c.1940’s
photo ex Chris Horsley c.2014

Manuroa (Doreen)


Whakatakataka Bay c1963


Milford Marina 2015

Manuroa (Lady Doreen)
photos ex Rob Alloway, Brian Worthington, Rob Swan. research ex Ken Ricketts (edited by Alan H)

Manuroa started out in life as Lady Doreen & was the last of 3 identical sister ships ( Wanda II – 1948, for Fred Porter, then Connie V for Valentines of Hamilton, refer previous ww stories). Then Manuroa (Lady Doreen) in 1949 & built by Lane Motor Boat Company for Gordon Mace of Panmure. Mace lived 5 minutes up the road from Lane Motor Boat’s premises on the waters edge of the Tamaki River. She was named after his wife Doreen & was the first of 2 boats that were associated with Lanes for him, the other being the Sobrine which was built partly by Lanes, in 1956.
Mace sold Lady Doreen to Len Swan of Orakei on 12th June 1951, who immediately changed her name to Manuroa, which it has been ever since (65 yrs).

Swan sold her in c.1962 to Harold Alloway, a Waikato (Rotorangi) farmer. He kept her in Whakatakataka Bay & slipped her in the green sheds in the bay, whilst at Rotorangi & also when he later moved to Auckland. She stayed there until c1966/67 when according to his son Francis, Harold moved to Whitianga & took Manuroa with him. While at Whitianga, he fitted her with game fishing poles & used her for game fishing in the later part of his ownership.
Alloway sold her on 30th Sept. 1970 to a John Quinn of Ponsonby, Auckland & she was reportedly seen moored in Westhaven not long after. It was possibly Quinn that sold the vessel to Dick & Paula Hillary of Auckland.

The next record of her sees her popping up in Sept. 1996 owned by the Hillary’s, they owned her for many years, just how many years is unclear but research by KR  indicates they may well have owned her from some time in the 1970’s, until when they sold her in Sept. 1996 to Fred & Flo Presland of Kawau Island. During the Hillary ownership they replaced the Gardner 4LW diesel (imported direct from England by Gordon Mace & installed in Nov 1950) with the 6LW that she still has today.

The Preslands sold her c.2000 to Bernie Wood, a Auckland boat broker of Half Moon Bay. When Wood passed away his estate sold her in Sept. 2005 to her present owner Bruce Johnston of Milford. Bruce supplied the two pages below from the 1951 log book.

MANUROA  Log 1951

Log Book Page 1 – 1951

MANUROA LOG - 1951-  1

Log 1 1951



Log 2 1951

Mystery Launch at Westhaven

Mystery Launch (Wanda) at Westhaven

No name, all I know is that her designer / builder was Garth Lane in 1948. Her specs are LOA 38’6″  x BEAM 11’3″ x Draft 3′
She is powered by two 50h.p., 4cyl BMC Leyland Commodores.

She looks bigger than 38′ & rather pretty. I took the above photos while at the Westhaven / Waterfront AKL 2015 Open Day & she was berthed on the brokers pier, so she could have been for sale.

Someone must be able to supply some more detail on her?

Mystery solved – its Wanda see more here 😉


Wanda II


Built by Lane Motor Boat Company in 1948 for Fred Porter. 38’6″ in length she was rebuilt (year unknown) by the Seftons, so she has good bones & been well cared for. Currently powered by twin BMC Commodore engines.
I understand her owner Chris Horsley, brother of CYA member Steve Horsley (Ngatira), has her for sale. For not a lot of money Wanda II could be a very smart classic motor boat i.e. take the coamings back to a bright finish. The topsides, coamings & interior have been repainted, new squabs & curtains + new head – so we are just talking about a few tweaks, that aside she is ready now for the summer cruise.

Chris can be contacted on 021 111 5631

Lots of chat & older photos of Wanda II already on ww so use the search box to view.

As always click photos to enlarge 😉

The Cole Boats – Black Watch, Wanda II (Lady Norma), Colmana

Gordon Cole & His Boats

photos & info from Ken Rickets with input from Adrienne & Malcolm Cole. Edited by Alan H

During his boating era Gordon Cole was a very successful furniture retailer (Coles Furnishers, Otahuhu) & the Cole family were dedicated launchies of the very highest order, owning at least 3 boats – Black Watch & Wanda II (note: Cole changed both boats names to Lady Norma & to confuse matters more, when Cole sold Black Watch she became either Lady Ailsa or Lady Alisa. Wanda II / Lady Norma’s name was later changed back to Wanda by subsequent owners) & later a 3rd one, Colmana.

Black Watch

Black Watch was painted completely black when Cole purchased her off the estate of the late Rev. Jasper Calder c.1952-53. When purchased she was moored in the Tamaki River & in a very neglected, unused state. The Cole family had to do a lot of bilge pumping until they hauled her out of the water, which they did almost immediately, at the Lane Motor Boat Co. slip. The entire Cole family, Gordon, his late wife Norma & older children, Malcolm & Adrienne all worked very hard along with some of the Lane staff, for many months, to convert Black Watch into Lady Norma as she is in the photo. Lane’s fitted the flying bridge at the same time as the general overhaul & upgrade. Cole later replaced the original engines ( Ford petrol V8 & the Perkins Diesel) with two x 6 cyl. Ford diesels, which son Malcolm Cole recalls, were painted blue.

They owned her from c.1952-53 until c.1958-59.

Wanda II

Had two sets of engines & while Ken Ricketts is not sure when the two 4 cyl. BMCs were fitted, he recalls that while out on her one day over Christmas 1960, she definitely still had her original Scripps 6 cyl. 90hp petrol engines at that time & by the look of the vapor at the stern in the B/W photo of her under way, she had them when that photo was taken. Gordon Cole can be seen clearly with his head through the hatch, naturally very proudly, at the helm.


Was the last of their boats & built for them in Tauranga by Donald Brothers & launched in 1974.

Wanda , Wanda II


Photos & story below from Ken Ricketts, photos taken in the mid to late 1940’s

Wanda was built for Fred Porter, by Garth Lane on the Tamaki River in 1948 & later finished in the same year at the Mason & Porter (Masport) factory. She had 2 x 6cyl Scripps engines circa 90 hp.

WANDA II as christened* by Fred, as Fred’s first boat (above) was Wanda, *actually launched by his wife, Joan. Ken Ricketts father, Ralph Ricketts, worked for Mason & Porter for 35 Years as machine shop manager & Fred, who was the founder was Ruben Porter’s son. Ken’s late father had his staff make virtually all her engineering & underwater requirements.
Ps. The pic of WANDA was taken from 8mm movie footage & hence poor quality
WANDA II UPDATE – 14/05/13
The Gordon Cole Family, the 2 LADYS NORMA & COLMANA.
Last night (13.5.13), I was talking to Malcolm Cole, (Gordon’s son) & his sister Adrienne, whom I’ve known since the 1950s, & herewith a synopsis of the conversations is respect of the above. —
Had some great social moments with them on WANDA II (during her time as the second LADY NORMA), in the early sixties, which we had much joy last night, in recalling, on the phone. G.C. changed her name to LADY NORMA (no “II” or anything), & had her for a number of years & bought her in the 50s & sold her still with the Scripps petrol engines in the earlier 60s according to Malcolm, & had the COLMAMA, a Vindex, built.
Malcolm told me, his father sold the WANDA II, to a Syd Handysides, who did the right thing, & changed her name back to her “real name,” of WANDA II, which as far as I know, she still is today, (but perhaps somebody may have dropped of the “II” unfortunately, somewhere along the way).
I digress, Gordon Cole bought the first LADY NORMA, in very poor condition, as BLACK WATCH, off the estate of the late Reverend Jasper Calder, an Anglican Vicar, who was a fascinating & colourful person, whom I will endeavour to throw a little light on, in a separate writing at a later date, which hopefully will make a good read, especially if we get input from others who can add to it. I also intend to do a full story on the BLACK WATCH, (the first LADY NORMA),  when I get the pics. — I first saw her under construction at Leigh, in the later 40s The Coles spent much time & money  having Garth Lane, (Lane Motor Boat Co),  refurbish & repair her for them, at his slipway & shed, in Riverview Rd Panmure, whilst the whole family pitched in as well, & did much work themselves, according to Adrienne, who recalls it all very vividly.
I have arranged to get pics of the first LADY NORMA, (BLACK WATCH), WANDA II, & COLMANA, & will do a full story on these boats, when I receive the photos, which will be when Adrienne returns from a trip overseas she is about to commence, & will it be towards the end of August when she returns.
She tells me she has inherited a massive number of boating pics from her father, which are stored away in her garage, & she is going to go through these, & share some of them with us all. — I can hardly wait.
We are all gong to have a lovely social reunion, when she returns & relive all these things together, —  FAB!!!