Mystery Launch at Westhaven

Mystery Launch (Wanda) at Westhaven

No name, all I know is that her designer / builder was Garth Lane in 1948. Her specs are LOA 38’6″  x BEAM 11’3″ x Draft 3′
She is powered by two 50h.p., 4cyl BMC Leyland Commodores.

She looks bigger than 38′ & rather pretty. I took the above photos while at the Westhaven / Waterfront AKL 2015 Open Day & she was berthed on the brokers pier, so she could have been for sale.

Someone must be able to supply some more detail on her?

Mystery solved – its Wanda see more here 😉

6 thoughts on “Mystery Launch at Westhaven

  1. Hi Alan
    I had a look at a very similar looking vessel as Wanda, some 15 odd years ago,at a boat storage in Henderson, with a view to purchasing her, as the owners had lost interest in its rebuild. I believe it was either a Sam Ford design built by Lanes, or a Lanes design built by Sam Ford back in the early thirties, and was just wondering what may ever have happened to her,
    At the time I viewed her ,she was under restoration by the owners, who i believe the family had owned since new,and when first built was powered by two petrol Ford flat head V8s fitted aft, running through I believe eaton V drives until after the second WW, and was then re powered by 2 BMC diesels until one of the blew, and was then fitted with one petrol Valiant 6cyl along with the one remaining diesel BMC, and ran for sometime in that configuration.
    Just wondering whether anyone may know where it is today



  2. While it is sad to see the beautiful varnish partly removed, at least she is still very close to how Fred Porter & Lanes built her — (partly at Lane’s Tamaki River shed, & partly at Mason & Porter’s Mt Wellington factory). She was also of course called LADY NORMA (like most of his other boats), for a period, when Gordon Cole owned her in the 1960s. (edited AH)


  3. She is for sale, I had a look over her a few weeks back. She could be quite a looker with her varnish restored. Speaking of brokers piers….have you seen what is parked on Z Pier?!!


  4. Yes, her name is Wanda, formerly Wanda II. My parents used to own her between 1974 and 2004 (approximately) The owner has had the teak decks removed and the varnished cabins painted. You have mentioned her in previous postings and I sent you a bit of historical information a couple of years or so back. If you wish please call me on 021500269 and we can have a chat!


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