Raiona – A Peek Down Below

RAIONA – A Peek Down Below

Last week we featured the relaunch of the 48’, 1919, Joe Slattery built launch – Raiona, after a 2 year refit at the Colin Brown / Josh Hawke yard. Today thanks to her owners we get to have a gander down below. Launching story link below – https://waitematawoodys.com/2022/07/09/raiona-relaunch/

The ’new’ decor (can I use the word when describing a classic woody?) really lightens the interior up and the varnished woodwork is magnificent. Well done to everyone that rubbed up against her during the last two years – below is a shot of Raiona leaving the yard, on-route to relaunching.

Raiona Relaunch

July 2020
July 2022


The double-ender Raiona or Alcestis as see was called when launched in 1919 , was built by Joe Slattery. She would have to be a contender for the most appearances on WW, mainly due to the wonderful photographic collection ex the H.D. Guthrie collection from the early 1900’s. Search both boat names in the WW Search Box to read and see more.

Almost exactly two years ago (July 2020) the new owner of Raiona hauled her out and trucked her off to Colin Brown and Josh Hawke’s – ‘Kauri Classics’ boat yard for a birthday. 

We will cover the extent of the work in another story – today is about celebrating the relaunch of Raiona and to step back and admire the craftsmanship of Colin and Josh.

Photo below taken in 2018 prior to Raiona changing hands – it was never a dull day when Raiona was in your bay 🙂

B/W photo below ex Graham Guthrie shows Alcestis in the 1920>30’s period when owned by the Guthrie Family


Southern Belle (Barney Soljack) – Raiona B.O.I.
Wake boarding
(L) Clive Hutchings (R) Bob Cleave
Off the Poor Knights
Raiona B.O.I.


The launch Raiona was designed and built in 1919 by Joe Slattery. In the gallery of photos above me see Raiona when owned by Bob Cleave. The photos come to us from the Parsonson Family Collection via Mitchell Hutchings.Mitchell’s father – Clive Hutchings appears in several of the photos.

Raiona has featured several times on WW – link below to more recent photos, very cool to see a woody that has survived over 100 years without being abused at the hands of a wood butcher 🙂 https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/04/19/raiona-2/

Photo below dated 2018

04-07-2022 INPUT ex Hugh Gladwell – photo below of Raiona re-launching today after a 12 month+ refit.

And this one of her leaving Kauri Classics yard

Mahurangi Weekend – Biggest On-The -Water Wooden Boating Event Down Under  – 200+ Classic Wooden Boat Photos










Mahurangi Weekend – Biggest On-The -Water Wooden Boating Event Down Under  – 200+ Classic Wooden Boat Photos

I think I should start today by apologizing to all the partners and bosses out there – I can see a very slow start to the week, might take a few hours to digest the above photo gallery – a selection of photos from Friday night thru until my trip home on Monday.
The weather for Auckland’s long weekend was just ace – for everyone, launches and yachts, for the whole 4 days.
As always the turnout for the regatta was incredible, I would predict record numbers afloat. The woody launch parade saw 25 launches register and another 17 (approx.) joined in on the day. One of the photos above shows some of the parade launches snaking across the harbour. Well done woodys.
If the attendance count was based solely on the number of dinghies at Scotts Landing for the Saturday night party, again it would have to be a record.
I apologize for the lack of photos from the Saturday night party at Scotts Landing, I was unable to attend, I was banned . Now I can imagine maybe one person on any committee could be a dog hater, but for the ‘Mahurangi Action’ (formerly  known as ‘Friends of Mahurangi’) committee to agree on a total 48hr dog ban ashore is hard to believe. But then I was told by a very public figure in the area – none of them have ever had to buy contraception in their lives – they use they personalities. So my question – Is it actually their ‘role’ to decide on whether boat owners can bring Fideo ashore?.
Maybe Mahurangi Action should stick to their core reason for being i.e. the Mahurangi Harbour.
I can imagine the relationship between the Mahurangi Cruising Club, the promoters of the actual boating regatta – the reason we all attend and Mahurangi Action, who run the shore based activities at Sullivans Bay and the Saturday night party, must at times be interesting. If I was MCC I would be appointing an event manager and running a solo event, including a function that the revenue from, would help fund the club. The weekend has got too big – I and a lot that I have spoken to would buy a ticket to attend – food for thought MCC ……..
Ps There were numerous dogs ashore, I was just one of the unlucky one that were apprehended coming ashore. What a waste of rate payers money to have professional security there + a dog ranger……….
A special thank you to Roger Mills for the aerial (drone) photos of Scotts Landing and the launch parade. Also Graeme Finch for topping up my photos with some of his own – thanks Graeme.
The photo below, while out of focus due to distance and 2 moving boats – sums up woody boating perfectly. The launch is Linda and the gathering of life jackets on the bow is the Brooke clan 🙂
Monday also saw the CYA running a launch race as part of the Auckland anniversary day regatta – coverage of this later in the week.
P1080064 2
WAITANGI DAY WOODY BEACH PICNIC – FEB 6 – Put A Circle In Your Diary, All Woodys Welcome. RSVP Below
Woody Waitangi Picnic

Alcestis Northland Cruise Xmas/NY 1931/2 – Post #2

Alcestis Northland Cruise Xmas/NY 1931/2 – Post #2
Alcestis punching thru a little bit of a sea, love that the skipper must have called ‘all-hands on deck’. Other photos show Alcestis & Lady Margaret doing a water stop at Mangonui Wharf. Lady Margaret at an unknown wharf & another of LM astern of  Alcestis.

Alcestis Northland Cruise Xmas/NY 1931/2 – Post #1


Alcestis Northland Cruise Xmas/NY 1931/2 – Post #1
In December 1931 / January 1932 the Guthrie family on their launch Alcestis headed north in convoy with Lady Margaret & Shenandoah, one of the highlights was an inland cruise from Paihia to the Haruru Falls*.
Photo 1 – Shenandoah from aboard Alcestis
Photo 2 – Lady Margaret (L) & Shenandoah (R) at Haruru Falls
Photo 3 – Lady Margaret (L) & Alcestis at Haruru Falls
Photo 4 – Alcestis nosing into the falls
Photo 5 – Alcestis forefront, Lady Margaret rear
*Haruru Falls are 3k inland from Paihia, the area was New Zealand’s first river port, a key hub for the many trading Maori tribes in the area. When the first ‘white’ boat (missionaries) came inland, they counted over 100 maori canoes on the banks. As part of the settlement a hotel was built & was one of the first hotels in NZ to have a ‘Traveller’s License’, which allowed irregular drinking hours (due to the tide). When the hotel burnt down in 1937, it was then over 100 years old.


Mothers Day


Mothers Day

Mothers Day


Today is all about mums, past & present + families. What better photo to remind us about family life than the one above taken during the Guthrie family 1931/2 Xmas / NY Northland cruise on their launch Alcestis.
Over the next few days I will post some stunning photos of Alcestis (now Raiona), Lady Margaret & Shenandoah cruising around the far north.
Enjoy today.

special thanks to Graham Guthrie for sharing his grandparents photos



Designed & built by Joe Slattery in 1919 , she was owned by Secombes, accountants, of Remuera, in the later 1940s & 50s, moored at Whakatakataka Bay, & hardly used. — they replaced the original engine, which I think may have been a Lowes Knight, with a Leyland “Comet,” marine diesel, she also had a 4 cyl Graymarine wing motor. Later owned by Bob Cleave.

Photo of Rainoa below taken by Russell Ward 29 December 2013

IMG_3050 copy[1]

23/02/2015 – photos below off Onetangi, New Year 2015, ex Peter Loughlin

 2018 photo below