Southern Belle (Barney Soljack) – Raiona B.O.I.
Wake boarding
(L) Clive Hutchings (R) Bob Cleave
Off the Poor Knights
Raiona B.O.I.


The launch Raiona was designed and built in 1919 by Joe Slattery. In the gallery of photos above me see Raiona when owned by Bob Cleave. The photos come to us from the Parsonson Family Collection via Mitchell Hutchings.Mitchell’s father – Clive Hutchings appears in several of the photos.

Raiona has featured several times on WW – link below to more recent photos, very cool to see a woody that has survived over 100 years without being abused at the hands of a wood butcher 🙂 https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/04/19/raiona-2/

Photo below dated 2018

04-07-2022 INPUT ex Hugh Gladwell – photo below of Raiona re-launching today after a 12 month+ refit.

And this one of her leaving Kauri Classics yard

3 thoughts on “Raiona

  1. Raiona doesn’t have a smelly old Ford. She has a noisy old Detroit.

    oops – deleted – thanks for the heads up. Alan H


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