Woody Waitangi Day Picnic – Photos


Scott Colville


My Girl & Pacific








Ann Michelle






Eileen Patricia


Sybil Frances




Shango (Ani)




Sea Fever




Silvery Main








Very smart new mast on Pacific 🙂


Another great Woody Classics Woody event yesterday, we had 20+ classic woodys anchored  in Wakalabubu Bay, Motutapu Island. Most came ashore for the picnic and while the camera stayed in the bag, I can report that these casual events are a winner, so nice to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Youngest age would have been around 6/7 years and the oldest was 92 !
If I missed getting a photo of your woody, I apologise, but with people coming and going all afternoon I suspect someone missed out.
The breeze picked up later in the day and so most had the old wind against the tide coming home – but it was worth it.
Big thanks to everyone the rocked up – see you all at our next event – details soon 😉
Off to Lake Rotoiti (Nth Island) on Saturday  for the Classic & Wooden Boat Parade – Monday’s WW story should be a goody 🙂
Oops nearly forgot anyone know the launch below, we crossed paths of Rangitoto – terrible photo, grab the phone and unfortunately had it set on some weird setting. Name is something like Tautai ??

Mahurangi Weekend – Biggest On-The -Water Wooden Boating Event Down Under  – 200+ Classic Wooden Boat Photos










Mahurangi Weekend – Biggest On-The -Water Wooden Boating Event Down Under  – 200+ Classic Wooden Boat Photos

I think I should start today by apologizing to all the partners and bosses out there – I can see a very slow start to the week, might take a few hours to digest the above photo gallery – a selection of photos from Friday night thru until my trip home on Monday.
The weather for Auckland’s long weekend was just ace – for everyone, launches and yachts, for the whole 4 days.
As always the turnout for the regatta was incredible, I would predict record numbers afloat. The woody launch parade saw 25 launches register and another 17 (approx.) joined in on the day. One of the photos above shows some of the parade launches snaking across the harbour. Well done woodys.
If the attendance count was based solely on the number of dinghies at Scotts Landing for the Saturday night party, again it would have to be a record.
I apologize for the lack of photos from the Saturday night party at Scotts Landing, I was unable to attend, I was banned . Now I can imagine maybe one person on any committee could be a dog hater, but for the ‘Mahurangi Action’ (formerly  known as ‘Friends of Mahurangi’) committee to agree on a total 48hr dog ban ashore is hard to believe. But then I was told by a very public figure in the area – none of them have ever had to buy contraception in their lives – they use they personalities. So my question – Is it actually their ‘role’ to decide on whether boat owners can bring Fideo ashore?.
Maybe Mahurangi Action should stick to their core reason for being i.e. the Mahurangi Harbour.
I can imagine the relationship between the Mahurangi Cruising Club, the promoters of the actual boating regatta – the reason we all attend and Mahurangi Action, who run the shore based activities at Sullivans Bay and the Saturday night party, must at times be interesting. If I was MCC I would be appointing an event manager and running a solo event, including a function that the revenue from, would help fund the club. The weekend has got too big – I and a lot that I have spoken to would buy a ticket to attend – food for thought MCC ……..
Ps There were numerous dogs ashore, I was just one of the unlucky one that were apprehended coming ashore. What a waste of rate payers money to have professional security there + a dog ranger……….
A special thank you to Roger Mills for the aerial (drone) photos of Scotts Landing and the launch parade. Also Graeme Finch for topping up my photos with some of his own – thanks Graeme.
The photo below, while out of focus due to distance and 2 moving boats – sums up woody boating perfectly. The launch is Linda and the gathering of life jackets on the bow is the Brooke clan 🙂
Monday also saw the CYA running a launch race as part of the Auckland anniversary day regatta – coverage of this later in the week.
P1080064 2
WAITANGI DAY WOODY BEACH PICNIC – FEB 6 – Put A Circle In Your Diary, All Woodys Welcome. RSVP Below
Woody Waitangi Picnic

Silvery Main

photo ex Pam Cundy

Today’s photo of Silvery Main was sent in by Pam from the Whangateau Traditional Boat yard & was taken last weekend at Kawau Island.
Now I’m not a big fan of flybridges on older boats but the one on Silvery Main has been done well, nice proportions.
Can anyone shed some light on the history of the launch?

Harold Kidd Input

I have SILVERY MAIN’s original plans and details of her early history from Bob Cairns, her former owner for 5 years. I’ll post the plans when I’ve had them copied. However, essentially her hull was the 28ft sport fisherman SEA STRIKE design by Rogers Winter of Florida with the cabin top and interior only designed by Claude Smith who built her in Whangarei. Her first owner was a chap called Hermann, a mill-owner from Whangarei who had her built to tow logs from Kawau to Sandspit when he got the contract to fell the pines.She was built much heavier than the American design and had far less power.
Very sweet design!

08-12-2015 Input from Ray Morey
‘Silvery Main’ was built by Alan Smith of Whangarei for Charlie Herman of Herman Timbers & in my eyes another example of flowing curves spoiled by straight lines and square corners plonked on top of a nice hull.
The bit about being built to tow logs was a bit of creative accounting for tax purposes, yes she is heavily built and underpowered and probably had a limited survey for a time but I did all of the log hauling for Charlie with the new twinscrew tug ‘Tangaroa’ and the Tauranga built barge ‘Rakanui’ belonging to Whangarei Towboats Ltd. The logs were pushed over a cliff at Schoolhouse Bay and I loaded on the flats there. I also built, with the help of the logging contractor (Mike Johnson) a bit of a landing in South Cove and took several loads out of there.

02-01-2016 Input from Alastair MacKenzie

“A few memories of the Silvery Main from the mid to late 1960’s when she was owned by my then employer Charlie Herman skippered mainly by my off-sider Barney Mahanga and used  by the  Hermans as their family launch. We would use her also to tow the Co’s small barge with freight and goods from Sandspit but she certainly never towed barges of logs – far too flash for that !!
All the logs we produced were towed to Whangarei from both Schoolhouse Bay and South Cove from a landing built by Mike Johnson. The barges were Bert Subritzskies which we would load with an old Skagit swing boom log hauler!  It was always a drama to get the barge loaded in time for the next high tide.”