Lady Naomi



Lady Naomi

Hello woodys, did you see Halley’s Comet last night? It appears in the sky once every 75 years i.e. once in a lifetime. Now maybe I’m stretching the truth about the comet but todays story has to be as rare event  🙂 
I think the reason Lady Naomi makes an appearance today is  because Amy Bateman caught me in a post Boat Show blues moment e.g. I have been looking at too much white fibreglass.
Anyway onto the Lady Naomi – Amy contacted me trying to trace the launch that her father built in Thames. Lady Naomi is a Hartley 30 Tide Song design. She was sold over 30 years ago and all Amy knows is that she went to Auckland.  Amy is not sure where she went after that but would love to know what became of her.

Lady Lynn > Lady Sophia > Tide Song




Lady Lynn > Lady Sophia > Tide Song

The photos above of the game boat Lady Lynn weighing in her catch at Russell are from Dean Wrights collection.

The 48’ Lady Lynn has had several name changes since leaving the Oliver & Gilpin shed c.1970 (b/w launching day photo below ex Brian Worthington). Launched as Lady Lynn, she then became Lady Sophia & today is named Tide Song. You can view & read more about her at this link

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Tide Song



Tide Song

Built by Oliver & Gilpin c.1970, Tide Song is 48’ long & built with single plank kauri. Powered by the original 2 x 70hp Perkins marine diesels.

Over the last year she has under gone an extensive refurbishment that included – engines, hull, cabin, most of the mechanical bits & all the safety fruit.
Her owner says the refurbishment is 95% complete but due to poor health Tide Song is on the market.
A pretty boat, just a shame about the patio doors 😉  still a good wooden boat builder could correct that.
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trademe tip off, Ian wondered if Tide Song is her original name & suggested she may possibly be a re-modeled Lady Tana.

So woodys – what do we know about her?

Update – Brian Worthington has advised that Tide Song was in fact Lady Lynn, photo below of Lady Lynn on launching day. He says she was built at the Oliver & Gilpin shed in the Wairoa River & there would have been input from Willy & John Oliver. Ted Gilpin owned her for a while & renamed her Tide Song from being Lady Sophia.