Lady Lynn > Lady Sophia > Tide Song




Lady Lynn > Lady Sophia > Tide Song

The photos above of the game boat Lady Lynn weighing in her catch at Russell are from Dean Wrights collection.

The 48’ Lady Lynn has had several name changes since leaving the Oliver & Gilpin shed c.1970 (b/w launching day photo below ex Brian Worthington). Launched as Lady Lynn, she then became Lady Sophia & today is named Tide Song. You can view & read more about her at this link

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.59.08 am

3 thoughts on “Lady Lynn > Lady Sophia > Tide Song

  1. Hi Steve, Eldon Jepsen owned her for a number of years operating out of Paihia. This photo was 1984 from memory. Eldon has passed away but his wife Beverly still lives in Paihia.


  2. As the new owners of Tidesong, it is good to see pictures showing the past history of this great boat. So there are no new rumors as to TideSong, she is now resides at Marsden Cove and is currently having the interior finished in Auckland, so to complete the restoration that was started by the previous owner.
    Please keep the pictures coming, and if anyone can help with ownership history I would like to fill in some gaps.

    Steve Littin


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