photos ex Monte Jones

A selection of images from the photo collection of Monte Jones, Monte like a lot of ww followers hopes that one day this magnificent vessel will be returned to a condition that more closely matches her original design, as seen in these photos.
While we all have to view photos, Monte can go one better – he has a model which was built in the 1930s by a friend of his father. The model is 55 inches long, (1/12 scale) and planked just like the real vessel. The plans for the model were specially drawn by Chas Bailey Jnr.

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An Oops or a mid season bottom clean?

An Oops or a mid season bottom clean?

Someone out there might be able to enlighten us as to what really was happening but by the assembled ‘crowd’ looks more like Shenandoah had been practicing her impact hygrography skills 🙂
I also posted a photo to once again remind us what a magnificent ‘ship’ she was in her heyday.
photos from Roger Guthrie

Shenandoah Hauled Out

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A collection of photos showing the  1929 Chas. Bailey & Son built  launch Shenandoah when she was hauled out for work at the Te Atatu boating club. a few years back. I had to include one old b/w image to remind us what a beauty she was when launched.
Photos supplied by Russell Ward
10-10-2016 Photo ex Ken Jones, via Ken Ricketts – off Devonport.

Shenandoah Cruising in the North

Shenandoah Cruising in the North
Over the 1931/2 xmas holiday period Shenandoah cruised in company with Alcestis & Lady Margaret. Two of the photos above show Shenandoah off the settlement of Mangonui, one tied up alongside Alcestis (Guthrie family launch) at the Mangonui Store, now the site of the famous (in the Far North) fish & chip shop. The other photos are possibly on-route to Haruru Falls.

Alcestis Northland Cruise Xmas/NY 1931/2 – Post #1


Alcestis Northland Cruise Xmas/NY 1931/2 – Post #1
In December 1931 / January 1932 the Guthrie family on their launch Alcestis headed north in convoy with Lady Margaret & Shenandoah, one of the highlights was an inland cruise from Paihia to the Haruru Falls*.
Photo 1 – Shenandoah from aboard Alcestis
Photo 2 – Lady Margaret (L) & Shenandoah (R) at Haruru Falls
Photo 3 – Lady Margaret (L) & Alcestis at Haruru Falls
Photo 4 – Alcestis nosing into the falls
Photo 5 – Alcestis forefront, Lady Margaret rear
*Haruru Falls are 3k inland from Paihia, the area was New Zealand’s first river port, a key hub for the many trading Maori tribes in the area. When the first ‘white’ boat (missionaries) came inland, they counted over 100 maori canoes on the banks. As part of the settlement a hotel was built & was one of the first hotels in NZ to have a ‘Traveller’s License’, which allowed irregular drinking hours (due to the tide). When the hotel burnt down in 1937, it was then over 100 years old.