Bay of Islands Classic Wooden Boats

Bay of Islands Classic Wooden Boats

Bay of Islands WW contributor Dean Wright sent in the great photos  above from when he and partner Deb were out for a few days just b4 xmas. 

Dick and Colleen Fisher’s magnificent Akarana is seen anchored in Orokawa, as is Enterprise.

The photo of Shenandoah was taken by Dean as she came through Wai iti Bay, Moturua Island. I would be a little amiss if I didn’t comment on the brightwork – please someone give her the TLC she deserves.

A nice photo of the 1929 Lanes Motor Boat Co. 35’ launch – Valerie under way.

The sedan launch in the last photo is well known to me, but I just can’t recall her name…….. Nathan Herbert has advised it’s Waihora.

The photo below ex David Cooke is of Akarana heading to Te Puna Inlet yesterday, where she and Trinidad are escaping the unpleasant swells the B.O.I. are experiencing.

4 thoughts on “Bay of Islands Classic Wooden Boats

  1. Hi, I previously wrote concerning Shenandoah and having been on her many times during the late 60’s as a neighbour and friend of the McFarlane family, up to about 1979 when I was 17 and worked on her. We would leave from the viaduct on a Monday out to tend the mussel farm and return on a Thursday with several tons of mussel which as deck hand was very hard work to load and unload with very little help from a usually drunk skipper and a diver who would tell me frequently when asked to help, I am the diver and you are the decky. She always had during my time, a rear deck mast and winch for lifting the 1ton mussel ropes on board to be placed in tubs and stowed in the hold. However, having scrubbed her teak decks many times, I do not remember the rear deck having cabin and windows. It was a flat deck behind the wheelhouse. Can anyone shed some light for me on these possible design changes.


  2. Great to see “Akarana” looking so well , I was Skipper from 3/9/73. for 33 years.
    Roy Massicks


  3. The swells were not unpleasant for the tall ships regatta on saturday, another perfect BOI sailing day.


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