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I was recently sent the top photo of the 1929 Chas Bailey & Son built launch Shenandoah, moored at Parua Bay, Northland. 
Sadly she appears to not be getting the TLC that an old lady of her pedigree deserves.
The last I heard of her she was still moored in the creek opposite the Te Atatu Boating Club,as seen in the 2nd photo above.
To remind us of how majestic she was back in the 1930’s I have attached a few photos below.
Message to the owner – if you want to move her on – I’ll find a buyer 🙂
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Update – photo below ex Bryce Strong of Shenadoah at Tutukaka in 1999

8 thoughts on “Shenandoah

  1. Hi, I grew up living next door to Stuart McFarlane and spent many of my most memorable weekends and school holidays cruising around Hauraki gulf with the McFarlane family on board Shenandoah during the 70’s and was along with Bruce, chief Burley boy and deck hand. When I left school at 17 in 1979, I worked on her 4 days a week at the Waiheke Island mussel farm.
    She was an amazing boat and I can remember surfing down waves when running from a storm while returning from 2 weeks around Great Barrier. It was the scariest boat time I ever had but she handled it all and brought us all home safe. I loved scrubbing her teak decking with pride. A beautiful boat.


  2. We bought a farm have spent 3 years getting the farm to how we like it then it was back to shenandoah turn for maintenance which we have done and now up the bay of islands enjoying her like we always do and as far as finding a buyer we will keep that in mind maybe one day but in the mean time back off we look after our old girl. Sticky beaks


  3. I’ve got a shed 14.5m long, 5.5m high shed available in Kerikeri if a restoration was on the cards.
    I remember her being tied up at the western viaduct back in the 70’s .Quite rundown as I
    recall.At the same time I was working at MOTAT and there was a scale model of her there, the model precise, right down to mini planked cavel construction
    Hence why I remember

    027 494 1896


  4. A friend of mine is the grandson of the original owner, Harry Jenkins… I’ll run this past him.


  5. During the 1960’s she was used carrying mussels for I think McFarlanes. The Derrick was of course very handy.


  6. I remember seeing her many times in the late 60s and 70s tied up at Queens wharf. Still had a big derrick an the back deck. Seem to recall someone telling me she was used as a lighthouse tender or for navigation light servicing. Was only thinking of her recently and was wondering what had happened to her. I was always impressed by the tall varnished wheelhouse extension. Even as a young guy I thought it looked out of place.


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