What Happened To Kiwa

Te Atatu BC Aug 2020 ex Jason Prew

UPDATE: Photos below ex John Wright who reports she has been repowered with a Doosan diesel and the boat is in fine condition.

What Happened To Kiwa

Back in Sept. 2014 Russell Ward gave us a heads up about the classic ex work-boat – Kiwa being transported from Hokianga to Auckland, sadly we never uncovered where she went or much about her. Yesterday hunting for a photo of a boat, I found an untitled folder with the photos above of Kiwa, but no details on where or when they were taken. 

Can we assume she made it to Auckland and underwent a restoration? If so where is she these days? Link to the 2014 WW story below


Boat on the Move – Kiwa

photo & ‘heads up’ from Russell Ward

The classic (workboat) Kiwa is on the move – spotted last week on-route from the Hokianga to Auckland – so the questions are :-
1. Who has bought her ?
2. Where in Auckland is off to ?

Russell took the fogbound photo (below) of her on her ex home waters on the Hokianga in 2006
Paul Gilbert alerted Russell to the post on The Shipping Office website.

Russell’s message to the new owner is  “Look after her, mate. I’ve long admired her”.

Can anyone supply some more details on her builder & past life – Russell?