Boat on the Move – Kiwa

photo & ‘heads up’ from Russell Ward

The classic (workboat) Kiwa is on the move – spotted last week on-route from the Hokianga to Auckland – so the questions are :-
1. Who has bought her ?
2. Where in Auckland is off to ?

Russell took the fogbound photo (below) of her on her ex home waters on the Hokianga in 2006
Paul Gilbert alerted Russell to the post on The Shipping Office website.

Russell’s message to the new owner is  “Look after her, mate. I’ve long admired her”.

Can anyone supply some more details on her builder & past life – Russell?


14 thoughts on “Boat on the Move – Kiwa

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  2. Hi all
    Kiwa is at Te Atatu on the Whau River.
    She has just gone back into the water after an extensive tidy up and looks great.
    I have only seen her move from the piles once and that was to be hauled out


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  4. There is a rail line slipway at Kohukohu. Had a local fishing boat on it two years ago when we stopped there.


  5. Perhaps they used hand winch and greased planks to slip boats there in the past.
    When we were up that way we drove past a punt that was being constructed out on the side of the road. An every day acurance obviously up that way.
    She could do with a stick or two don’t you think Russell.


  6. Nice sweep up to the bow!
    I would have thought Russell you would be the authority on these double enders I had noted you have had an eye for them over the years.
    Did you get a photo showing her stern, did it look like Iona’s.


  7. I don’t think she has much potential as a speedboat. The picture shows the owner taking her ashore to have some TLC so there is no fear just now of someone getting stuck in with jack hammers and fitting a full headroom deckhouse. BTW the Hokianga could do with a boatyard with a slipway….


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