2014 Classic Yacht and Launch Exhibition

Jim Young

2014 Classic Yacht and Launch Exhibition

‘A celebration of acclaimed NZ designer Jim Young’

In conjunction with Auckland Heritage Festival 2014

Once again the Tino Rawa Trust is hosting the Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition & all waitematawoodys followers are encouraged to attend & celebrate the acclaimed designer and boat builder Jim Young. On display will be a static display of photos and stories celebrating his life and career. The exhibition will also feature several Young designed and built yachts and launches berthed next to the Tidal Steps at Karanga Plaza. Viewing on-board vessels only with owner’s permission.

Location: Karanga Plaza and Berths, Halsey Street, Viaduct. (map below)

Exhibition Date: Saturday, 4 October to Sunday 5 October

Time: 10am – 4pm    (Free) Open to the public. Donation welcomed

Sponsors and Supporters: Tino Rawa Trust, Trillian Trust, Waterfront Auckland, NZ Maritime Museum, Viaduct Harbour, CityGuard, Classic Yacht Association, BIA.

Location Map (click to enlarge)





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