A Woodys Weekend


A Woodys Weekend
photos ex Alan H

Just back from a really great woody weekend. The CYA hosted a gathering at Fairway Bay Marina, Gulf Harbour that saw the boats all rafted up in the ‘gated’ upper lagoon. We were greeted by Grant the marina manager in his tender that made berthing easy for those without bow-thruster ;-). In fact Grant was the perfect host & made the weekend extra special.
I have to say that rafting up & boat hopping is such a cool thing, perfect way to catch up & tell fibs about your boat while enjoying a refreshing .
When I slid Raindance alongside Trinidad the smell was amazing, bread baking – the latest additional to Trinny is a ‘fitted’ bread maker. It doesn’t get much better than waking up to the smell of bread baking 🙂
Nice to see CYA vice chairman Peter Mence mooching around in his rather cute gaff rigged clinker.
After an afternoon of socializing we all went ashore for a BBQ at the marina bar. Nathan Herbert & Jason Prew were the the chefs on the BBQ & did a superb job, its not often I trust someone to cook my thick-cut aged sirloin steak.
Special mention to the CYA members that turned up by road, Sue & Mark Edmonds (Monterey), Ian Miller (Alpheus) & the new owners of Young Nick.

Included are some random photos of woodys I spotted along the way. Enjoy.

ww is not the place to air ones dirty laundry but I have to say that despite the amazing job that CYA launch captain Nathan Herbert did promoting & hosting the weekend – 7 boats is a p_ss poor turn out from a fleet of 200+ vessels. For those that did not attend, again you missed a great event. Maybe next time………………………?

Photos below from Ken Ricketts taken at arrival & departure.

Now heading back I got a call on the mobile from Jason Prew to say Dolphin had entered Milford Creek (marina) on the wrong side of the channel mark & was aground & could I try & tow them off. When I arrived it was looking like a long day/night for the crew of Dolphin………., Milford is intimidating to even the locals so I was on high alert as we nudged Raindance in VERY close. Robyn was on rock watch & telling me “they are right in front of us”. We managed to get a line bow to stern but she would not budge – not surprising when you look at the photos from later in the day, with the tide out. Hopefully she re-floated last night. She was on-route to Geoff Bagnall’s boat yard so any damage will not be a problem to Geoff & his crew. One negative was that in the process we pulled the outboard off the stern 😦


Keeping Fine Company

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Keeping Fine Company

photos ex Brian Fulton
Anchored this morning at Rotoroa Island along with a fine collection of classic woodys. Yesterday after lunch at Man ‘O War vineyard (Waiheke Island) several of us where motoring across the Waiheke Channel when we were ‘joined’ by the rather grand 300′ super yacht Nahlin, owned by British industrial entrepreneur Sir James Dyson. Truely a magniciciant 1930 ship.
The CYA gang all went a shore for a BBQ dinner at Rotoroa & later a very shinny black chopper landed to collect Sir & Lady James who had spent the day on Rotoroa.
We were treated to a stunning sunset.

Manapouri @ Mahurangi Regatta 2014


Mystery Launch #1 @ Mahurangi Regatta 2014

Manapouri @ Mahurangi Regatta 2014

Every year I look out the cabin window & go “where did that come from & how come I have never seen her before”.

Well it happened again this year, this beauty attempted to drop anchor on top of the launch I was enjoying a cleansing ale aboard. Could not get a clear view of the name board but if my life depended on it I would say it said something like ‘Manapori’. As quick as she arrived she was gone again off to the other side of the bay.

Can anyone ID her & shed some light on her story.

Harold Kidd Update

I think that’s MANAPOURI built by Parkes in Whangarei c1960 and owned for many years by Peter MacDonald there. Now owned by Mark Sorenson in Auckland.

Update 06/02/2014  –  I can confirm it is Manapouri & it was built in 1960 & I’m told the design being ‘Thornycroft’ ??. Still owned by Mark Sorrenson – so top of the class again Mr Kidd 🙂 And they have just joined the CYA.

Message for Mark Sorrenson – 24/02/2014

Hello Alan and Harold,
with regards to Manapouri. Firstly, excuse my anchoring skills.
I have researched Manapouri’s history and have a complete list of owners and rough dates.
I have little information regarding her design. Terry? Ashby of Ashby’s boat builders believes that she may have been a Thornycroft design.
She was built for Hector Parks by Crow Ewings at Ewings boat builders at the end of Ewings Rd Whangarei. It is said that one Kauri was felled and milled for her construction. Hector and Celia lived at One Tree Point, Marsden Bay and spent their final years at Ramburne Rest Home.
She was sold to Peter MacDonald whom I believe was the transport manager at McBreans Transport. He replaced the two Lister engines with Ford 120’s. He also reconfigured the rudder from a single to a double set up. I believe that he has passed away.
She was then sold to Jack Turnbull and was based in Lyttleton Harbour. Jack is survived by Rosemary and Richard. They remember many happy summer holidays spent in the Malborough Sounds aboard Manapouri
She was then sold to Ken McLeod who is based in Christchurch. He remembers many crossings of the Cook Straight and some in terrible conditions.
She was then sold to Graham Ashby (Ashby Boat Builders family). Graham recalled one trip from Picton to Auckland in 40 Knots and remembers that she is a sound boat with no vices. Graham owned her from 1990 to 2000.
She was then sold to Peter the marine engineer. He was estranged from his wife and was a live aboard at Opua. Unfortunately he drowned whilst trying to board Manapouri after a night on the Rum at a Christmas party. 2001-2003.
She was then purchased from the estate by Derek Stokes, who now owns the Whangaroa Motel.
Derek had the walk through transom built and replaced the soft coverings throughout the interior.
Derek had a reasonable amount of paper work and photos of Manapouri and he gave them to a prospective puchaser. She was never bought by this person and the photos where not returned.
Derek had to, with some reluctance sell Manapouri.
She was then sold to a Character by the name of Hawkins, who owned the Kaikoura Motel. I have not managed to contact him.
Jeremy Glubb was her next owner, whom I purchased her of.
Both Glubb and Hawkins were unkind to her and I found her rather neglected and in need of much attention.
I purchased Manapouri through Gordon Low in February 2009, she was my reward for recovering from Lymphoma. I have enjoyed her for five years and have beavered away, endeavoring to return her to her former glory. She now rests at M054 in the Gulf Harbour Marine Village.
Lastly, I have a note in my journal that says Hector Parks bought her plans from Thornycroft through the rudder Magazine. But I do not recall who gave me this information.

30-08-2016 Update – My name is Brian Nobbs, from Whangarei.  I was Heck’s next door neighbour, I was only a boy at the time approximately 16 years old.  I’m the one who held the dolly under the boat while Heck peined the copper rivets inside the boat and that would have been approximately 1958, and the boat was built in Heck’s property in a large shed on Anzac Road, Whangarei.   Also a Bill Keogh helped Heck to built the boat. Brian also recalls that the bow was made out of a bent pohutakawa. When it was finished we did a trip to Great Barrier for 2 weeks – and had a really enjoyable time, good memories.  Heck was a real character.