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  1. A closer look shows the Wishbone still there . I thought she was from further up the Pamure River but I only met them in the summers at Kawau Is when I was cruising on 22′ Memory with Lincoln Woods.


  2. Wayne, you are probably correct, it’s a long time ago and memory is not always 100%. I knew she wasn’t Bermuda rigged but couldn’t remember exactly what. She didn’t seem to go out a lot and did not seem all that fast, but always looked good. From memory she had a matching tender . Still looks like she has the original rig set-up. Anyone know where she lives now?


  3. Great photos especially the pic of Odtaa, as it was a boat I remember well from my younger days living at Bucklands beach. She was moored in little Bucklands for many years and was always kept immaculate. I remember asking her owner in the early 70s about the unusual design, and from memory she was his own one off design. She is gaff gaff rigged and I may be wrong but from memory she originally had maroon sails. Always stood out amongst the other boats in the area and I’m impressed how well she’s been kept.
    The keelers bring back memories as I crewed on a C class belonging to Tom Partridge, a local boat builder at Bucklands Beach around 1968. There was not much serious racing from BBYC in those days and we would sail in convoy up to the city and race with the likes of Jim Davern etc in a very social and casual manner, although certain ‘uncommon for the day’, very salty language could be heard right across the harbour at times, (mainly from one large black plywood yacht).
    It was loads of fun for a young lad though, making tea on 45 degrees, being smacked soundly round the head by a flailing heavy bronze jib clip, or having your arms stretched six inches as you try to get a 5 ton boat up to speed after being thrown a tow line on a calm day by another keeler passing under motor, with not enough rope to tie off and only grabbing the last few feet, and knowing the comments you would receive from the cockpit if you let go. It taught you things that mattered .


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