Manapouri Refit


Chatting last week with Mark Sorrenson, owner of the 43’ launch – Manapouri, that was built by Hector Parks, and he mentioned that he was part way thru a major refit of Manapouri. Obviously the request went out for photos, so today we get to have a peek at the work-in-progress. 

Manapouri has appeared several times before on WW – links below to those story. In the 1st link Marks gives us a great insight into her ownership history. The 2nd link is a doozy, if you scroll down Noel Fyfe (Parks) gives us a wonderful account of Manapouri’s backstory.

In the gallery above we see Manapouri wrapped up in a tent / shelter that Mark helped build. A summary of the TO DO / DONE LIST below: 

• New fuel tanks and lines • Complete engine room paint • New bridge sole and beams • Reconfigured engine hatches• New sound proofing • Full rewire  • New dash • New gauges and chart plotter  • New auto pilot• Fibreglass decks • Extend cockpit roof • Full exterior repaint • new dorade boxes • new name plates • strip, repair & varnish bridge doors 

Marks words “Needless to say, I’m poor, tired and won’t be boating at Xmas” 🙂

Manapouri On The Move

Manapouri On The Move

The above photo, ex Bob Brown’s fb would have made a great mystery launch story, but seeing we have probably one of the best written and most accurate stories on the boat, I thought I’d just link to it below – its a terrific read + lots of photos.

A quick overview – Manapouri, designed and built by Frank Ewen for Hector Alexander Parks, at 43’ she is a scaled down version of a 53ft “Thorneycroft Gentleman’s Cruiser.” With the upper structure changed by Frank Ewen to avoid copyright issues, and it did make a better-looking craft. She was built in Hector’s converted brooding shed on his poultry farm at 66 Anzac Rd, Whangarei, Northland.

photo ex Dean Wright

WW past story link:

MILFORD CREEK QUIZ WINNER – The winner of the WW bucket hat is Nathan Herbert, and very appropriate as only Nathan ID’ed two launches (1) Lady Mavis (4) Koala/Amaryllis. Which gave him two chances in the draw.