Tasman Star – A Peek Down Below

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Tasman Star – A Peek Down Below

Built in 1935 by Dick Lang, she started life as a commercial fishing boat – Danish seine netting. She measures 42’6” & is powered by a 150hp LXW Gardner. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trademe listing heads up.

You can read about her colour-full life on this WW link    https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/11/19/tasman-star/

Update photo from Greg Fenwick – Easter 2018 @ Whangaparapara



Tasman Star

photo ex Bill Belton

Tasman Star was anchored in Little Shoal Bay just off Bill’s house a few weeks ago.  From the photo she looks like a great an ex-fishing boat conversion.  Thats a serious dry stack on the starboard side, still it most likely works a treat.
I’m sure one of the woodys thats in the  ‘Work Boat’ group will be able to supply more details.

Update ex Baden Pascoe
Nice to see a work boat come up on Woodys. I’m not 100% sure who built her but Dick Lang rings a bell?.
She was built for the ‘dallies’ out west in the 1930’s. Her owner in the early days was Steve Mihaljevich, he fished for the Auckland Seine Boat Ass. Later
on she was owned by the one and only Ginger Gibbs.