CYA Double Banger – Riverhead Launch Cruise + Vintage & Veterans Yacht Race




My Girl



My Girl + Raindance


Monterey, Te Arahi, Altair, Manapouri

CYA Double Banger – Riverhead Launch Cruise + Vintage & Veterans Yacht Race

While mooching around under the Harbour Bridge waiting for the launch stragglers , I snapped a few photos of the yacht fleet tuning up for the start of the annual Vintage & Veterans yacht race – Photos below
The weather for the launch cruise was almost ideal, after we had arrived at the Riverhead Tavern and had planted ourselves in the bar, the rain started, so while we by dinning and chatting – the old girls got a fresh water wash down – perfect.
A good turn out for late in the season – 16 woodys – made up of 12 CYA members and 4 woodys that joined us for the day. I convinced one to join, but Jason Prew tells me I need to improve on my 25% conversion rate 🙂
Nice to catch up with those that made the trip by motorcar.
As always the food was excellent, just a wee hick-up with a power oops slowed the service down a tad but all good.
Sorry if I missed your woody with my camera – the fleet were very spaced out, so arrive times didn’t suit the need to sustenance 😉
As always, click photos to enlarge.

Rawhiti A2 + Rainbow A7 + Waitangi A6


Arcturus K8638


Little Jim A16

Photos below of Thelma sent in by Simon Smith

Woody Waiheke BBQ





Not sure what these two were up too but the t-shirt gets the WW of approval

Woody Waiheke BBQ

Saturday (30/03/2019) saw a group of hardy, the barometer was not saying summer, CYA members gather in Putiki Bay, Waiheke Island for a post CYA yacht race BBQ. The photos have been enhanced, it wasn’t quite that sunny 🙂

The bay filled up with a good collection of woody yachts and launches. The CYA committee even put on a band – well done guys.
Special thanks to Chris Sadler for the use of his launch – Moeraki as the start boat for the yacht race. Moeraki is a very smart looking woody, I have always admired her – great to see her out on the Waitemata. You can read / see more on her here (lots in the comments section).
Woody launches in the bay included – My Girl, Lucille, Waimea, Puawai, Lucinda, Matuku, Summer Wine, Wirihana and Mahanui – some I suspect were moored there.
Special thanks to Jason Prew and Mark Edmonds for the (phone) photos.
As a special treat for the skipper of Lucille – I have include the youtube video below 😉

Woodys in the North







Meloa May 2015


Woodys In the North
Another collection of photos ex Dean Wright of classic woodys cruising the the Bay of Islands. Shown is Ranui the NZ built ‘Chris Craft’ at Days Point. Summer Wine off Takou Bay heading North & one of Waipawa – anchored on the south side of Moturoa Island. Meola is also pictured in Frenchmans Bay, Moturua Island but this is back in May 2015.
Can anyone ID the last photo above, she is shown here heading toward Waewatorea in the BOI.

Wash Day on Linda
Woody Robin Elliott snapped the photos below of Linda heading into Opunga Cove over the New Year period. Given the array of laundry flying, it looks like another one of those memorable Brooke family cruises 🙂



Update 10-04-2018 photo below of Meloa, taken by Angus Rogers, shows her at Crowles Bay, Te Puna Inlet.



details ex Ken Rickets & Alan H. photos ex KR

Aristos was launched in October 1985 & designed by Des Townson, in fact the only launch Townson designed that was built. I understand there was a small launch designed but not built. Aristos was built by Noel May, is 36 feet long,  3 skins of kauri in the hull, with solid mahogany coamings & glassed ply decks .

She is powered by twin 60 HP Nissan diesels & cruises at 8 knots.

She  sleeps 6 & was built for Ian & Vivienne Stembridge . She remained in the Stembridge family from new until early 2013. Being kept the whole time at Whitianga.
Aristos has recently been sold to Ray Haydon & Sarah Elleray of Auckland.

Note: Noel May also built in 1993 a very similar launch Summer Wine (view her by entering her name in the ww search box)

Summer Wine

Summer Wine – could be a very special boat, I suspect she was designed by one of NZ’s most talented modern(ish) yacht designers, Des Townson. He only designed (I think?) one launch & Summer wine could be it. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to iD most Townson boats – not a lot of right angles on them 🙂
I said hello last weekend as I cruised past her stern in Oneroa, I would love to know more about the boat, she was flying the CYA burgee but I can not find her in the database?
ps I might be wrong about her being a Townson, more knowledgable people than I have question my judgement on this launch – so jump in with your view.AH
An Update From the Owner – I was wrong but right 🙂 AH
MV SUMMER WINE (registered as such to avoid confusion with the plethora of Summer Wines) was designed and built by Noel May of Bucklands Beach, and launched in 1993, for his own use in retirement.  Noel had been a long time friend of Des Townson and had built a number of Townson keelers, culminating in the build of ARISTOS, the only launch designed by Townson.  The two launches are similar, but distinctly different in both dimensions and layout, in that they share the same materials (triple kauri hull, epoxied inside and glassed outside, teak coamings, glassed and clear finished, walnut panelling interior).  ARISTOS has recently been purchased from Whitianga and is now in the OBC in the capable care of a jeweller, I believe.
SUMMER WINE hopes to become a classic when she is old enough, meanwhile her owners,  most certainly are old enough to be classics, although their construction may let them down a bit, are content to be ordinary members of the CYA, hence the burgee.
My daughter, who knows about such things, took the opportunity to spend some time with Noel May shortly after we took the boat over and scanned a number of photos of the designing and construction and launching which she made into one of those self published book thingies.  We have spare copies aplenty by the way, which the CYA is welcome to one of if there is any interest.
We have covered a lot of miles in the three and a bit years past and have found her to be vice free, comfortable, and manouverable due to her little twin Yanmars. Dennis Rule
26-03-2017 Photos below of SW at Pine Harbour – Mar2017 ex Ken Ricketts