Woodys On Holiday @ Waiheke Island









Woodys On Holiday @ Waiheke Island

 Good morning Woodys – the 1st ‘live’ post in 2 weeks & I have to say I have enjoyed the break from the daily task of creating a WW story. Sometimes with everything else that happens in life its been a challenge, I’ll keep on with the daily stories but just a heads up, the frequency may change……… but business as usual for now.

I was amazed at the viewing audience over the Xmas / NY period, there were some huge days – the “Gunk-Holing Up The Weti River’ story had over 6,000 views in 24hrs, not bad for a ‘re-run’.

Despite the weather forecast & a broken freezer we got away on Raindance for 8 Days, came back a little early due to the weather bomb, & so glad that we did. 

For the 8 days we just mooched around Waiheke Island & had stunning launch weather + the water temp was amazing, warmest I can recall in a long time. 

I spotted quite a few woodys around the bays, if I missed getting a photo of you, either the light was all wrong or I was doing something else – so sorry in advance.

Last ones of Raindance were taken by Richard Darke from aboard his launch ’Seafarer’, many thanks Richard, I do not get many of Raindance, normally she is the camera platform.

A word of warning, last weeks storm has deposited some very ugly logs around the inner harbour, so keep a look out. It amazes we no-one (Akl Council etc) gathers them up, they will find there way back into the water & be an even bigger hazard. The one below was on Cheltenham Beach, Devonport.

If you have any photos from the holidays – email them in to waitematawoodys@gmail.com


While ashore at Oneroa I picked up a flyer for The Island Grocer store, very clever piece of creative 😉

Island Grocer

Isle of Arran

Isle of Arran

Now here is a question for you – how many boats did Colin Wild build twice?

Answer = one – the ‘Isle of Arran’.  Roger & Graham Guthrie’s uncle – Douglas, who had a house in Arran Bay, commissioned Wild to build him a launch but unfortunately Wild’s shed burnt down just before completion & Wild had to start again. Photos above show her (#2) on the slip in front of the remains of the shed before launching, c.1951/2. Also one of her c.1953 at Elephant Cove.
Thanks to Roger Guthrie for the photos & background info.
Updated 30/04/13
She is owned by Mike Guthrie (Graham’s cousin) and had a major rebuild about approx. 20 years ago. I think Salthouses did the job. New Volvo engine as well. The cabin was also sympathetically re-styled at the time. Mike still owns the property in Arran Bay and the boat can frequently be seen on the mooring in the bay.
Updated 25/05/13
Photo added of her c.1990 with rebuilt topsides.
Updated 08/01/2015
Copy of May 1989 Sea Spray magazine article on the Salthouse ‘rebirth’ project. Click blue link to view/read.
Isle of Arran

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