Woodys On Holiday @ Waiheke Island









Woodys On Holiday @ Waiheke Island

 Good morning Woodys – the 1st ‘live’ post in 2 weeks & I have to say I have enjoyed the break from the daily task of creating a WW story. Sometimes with everything else that happens in life its been a challenge, I’ll keep on with the daily stories but just a heads up, the frequency may change……… but business as usual for now.

I was amazed at the viewing audience over the Xmas / NY period, there were some huge days – the “Gunk-Holing Up The Weti River’ story had over 6,000 views in 24hrs, not bad for a ‘re-run’.

Despite the weather forecast & a broken freezer we got away on Raindance for 8 Days, came back a little early due to the weather bomb, & so glad that we did. 

For the 8 days we just mooched around Waiheke Island & had stunning launch weather + the water temp was amazing, warmest I can recall in a long time. 

I spotted quite a few woodys around the bays, if I missed getting a photo of you, either the light was all wrong or I was doing something else – so sorry in advance.

Last ones of Raindance were taken by Richard Darke from aboard his launch ’Seafarer’, many thanks Richard, I do not get many of Raindance, normally she is the camera platform.

A word of warning, last weeks storm has deposited some very ugly logs around the inner harbour, so keep a look out. It amazes we no-one (Akl Council etc) gathers them up, they will find there way back into the water & be an even bigger hazard. The one below was on Cheltenham Beach, Devonport.

If you have any photos from the holidays – email them in to waitematawoodys@gmail.com


While ashore at Oneroa I picked up a flyer for The Island Grocer store, very clever piece of creative 😉

Island Grocer

Florence Rose


Florence Rose

Florence Rose

Designed by Billy Rogers & built in1966 by Chas Bailey. Current owners B & G Diggle.
photo taken in Station Bay, Motutapu Island. 26/10/13

Anyone able to supply more info on her past?

Harold Kidd Update #1

I always thought that FLORENCE ROSE, like her sisterships IOWANA and LOLENE was designed and built by Billy Rogers. Charles Bailey Jr was of course long dead in 1966 but the remnants of the company he founded was staggering on under Winstones, then Dromgool’s ownership. But was that company into building new stuff, to other people’s designs in 1966? 

Andrew Pollard will know.

Is this yet another launch myth?

# 2 

Andrew was as surprised as I was with the suggestion that FLORENCE ROSE was built by Baileys. I’ll get hold of Geoff Rogers and ask him.