Woodys Riverhead Tavern – Winter Cruise 

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Woodys Riverhead Tavern – Winter Cruise 
Yesterday was one of those days where the weather forecasters got it wrong -big time. Took the dog for an early morning waterfront walk between the showers and the ferries on the harbour were sounding their fog horns – fast forward 2 hours and the suns out, water glassy flat and we are going boating. Quick side trip to collect our quests – Margo & Jamie (MV Lady Crossley) from Westhaven and we are off.

A great turn out for mid-winter, saw 60+ woodys gathering at the historic waterside Riverhead Tavern for lunch – special thanks to those that came by car and helped with berthing the boats at the wharf. As always – click on photos to enlarge 😉

Nice to meet some new faces and if there was an award for most travelled attendee, woody Bruce Rowe on board – Ngarimu would be the winner. Bruce and his ‘decky’ mate – travelled from Thames to attend.  The boys left Thames on Friday, stayed at bottom end of Waiheke, then off Stanly Point / Bayswater on Saturday night and  will be heading home today. Talking to Bruce,  Saturday night sounded heaven – tucked up in their warm bunks, rain on the cabin top, listening to the Auckland Blues rugby game, then the NZ v India cricket test – not a lot of sleep was had 🙂

We were also graced with the company of John and Diana Olsen on their steam boat – Dancer, The Olsen’s towed Dancer from Cambridge and launched her at the old Salthouse yard to make the trip up the creek.

Check out the Woodys Classic Weekends Event Calendar at the link below, for upcoming outings – our next one is an overnight BBQ cruise up the Clevedon River on the weekend of 14 > 15th August – a heads up – numbers will be restricted due to berthing / anchoring limits -so RSVP early.


The poster below greeted us at the door to the tavern – has a nice ring to it………….  maybe someone is sending me a message 🙂

The tale of two Ngarimu’s


The tale of two Ngarimu’s

A waitematawoody follower & classic launch owner, Bruce Rowe, has contacted me with a question.

Back in June Russell Ward sent in a photo of him sailing a dinghy between the anchored launches at Kawau Island, in the photo he ID’ed the launch Ngarimu & commented that she was owned at the time by Muir Chilwell.

Harold Kidd posted that Ngarimu was built in 1945 by Fred Goldsboro & named after Lt. Ngarimu VC.

Now the photo (b/w above) ex Russell appears to be of a launch from the 1920’s & does not match the launch named Ngarimu that Bruce owns (colour photo above).

So the question is – do we have two Ngarimu’s ? (most likely) & if so which one was the Muir Chilwell boat?

Bruce is in contact with Sir Muir Chilwell & he may have some old photos of his Ngarimu that he owned in the 1960’s. He was, Bruce believes, the 3rd owner.

Harold / Russell – can you throw & more light on this & Bruce’s boat ?

Harold Kidd Update

Well, My only personal recollection of Muir’s NGARIMU was when she was used as the finish boat for Law Society Regattas when such things were held by the Law Society. They aren’t now for reasons that I won’t go into, but suffice it to say that the Law was once a proud profession, with real people in it, yachtsmen like Muir and several other Judges including Sir Erima Northcroft (ILEX), Sir Graham Speight (VALKYRIE) and Sir Robert Smellie with whom I had the privilege of working under for several years.

So when I saw Russell’s pic of the launch he called NGARIMU and it generally conformed to the image I had of her, I accepted that she was NGARIMU. I did comment that she was “old-fashioned” for 1945. I am now certain that the pic above is Muir’s NGARIMU and that there was only one.

PPS Robin Elliott has just pointed out to me that there are some contradictions in the above from what is written in our book “Vintage NZ Launches”. The book was written in 2004 since when I’ve added 9 years of research. The NAOMIS were always confusing because they all kept their names ans were called often just NAOMI. However, it is NAOMI III in Lyttelton and NAOMI II at Panmure (or wherever she is now) despite what we said in the book at pages 18 and 19!.





story & photo ex Russell Ward
In the centre is Muir Chilwell’s Ngarimu, Russell is sailing past to see if he can ‘catch the eye of’ his eldest daughter 🙂

To the right is Peter Anderson’ boat but before he bought her, name?, she was owned by an old friend of the Wards –Ray Ball who bought her from McMillans who built her. (I think they owned or ran the motor camp at Stillwater or Sandspit). Sadly Ray died in ’62 – they treated cardio-vascular diseases very poorly in those days. Flagpole in the foreground is on Ngakiwa.

Harold Kidd Update:

NGARIMU was built by Fred Goldsboro in 1945, named after Lt. Ngarimu VC. Peter Anderson’s boat was JAN MARIE/MORREE I think?

More details on Ngarimu would be appreciated.