story & photo ex Russell Ward
In the centre is Muir Chilwell’s Ngarimu, Russell is sailing past to see if he can ‘catch the eye of’ his eldest daughter 🙂

To the right is Peter Anderson’ boat but before he bought her, name?, she was owned by an old friend of the Wards –Ray Ball who bought her from McMillans who built her. (I think they owned or ran the motor camp at Stillwater or Sandspit). Sadly Ray died in ’62 – they treated cardio-vascular diseases very poorly in those days. Flagpole in the foreground is on Ngakiwa.

Harold Kidd Update:

NGARIMU was built by Fred Goldsboro in 1945, named after Lt. Ngarimu VC. Peter Anderson’s boat was JAN MARIE/MORREE I think?

More details on Ngarimu would be appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Ngarimu

  1. Hello Harold. Advising I am meeting with Sir Muir at his house on Thursday. I have asked if he has some old Photos of his Ngarimu and other boats he had so I can see if my Ngarimu was his or not. During a conversation I had with you several years ago you said you where keen to write an article on Sir Muir and his boating. Would you like me to initially instigate / pursue that on your behalf.



  2. Thanks Harold. I will also make contact again with Sir Muir. I believe he has shifted from his previous address. I will advise later. thanks Bruce


  3. That’s possible, as Charles Collings did design for other owners. Collings died in 1946, before NGARIMU was built but it’s possible that Goldsboro had been sitting on the plans for years. That’s certainly borne out by her relatively old-fashioned look for 1947, more 1927 in my view.
    You will need to establish a link between Goldsboro and Collings. I’ve had a canter through my database and can’t do so at first attempt, but suggest you ring the Goldsboros in the phopne book. It’s not a common name.


  4. My name is Bruce Rowe and am the current owner of Ngarimu. Have her berthed at Thames. I have had a phone conversation with Sir Muir and he remembers her well. I will post some new Pic of her. I have just signed on. Keen to learn of more history. Would like to find the original plans of her. Rumour is she is a Colling and Bell design. Would like confirmation. Thanks Bruce


  5. Perhaps the boat Bill remembers Jock Menzies owning was WHITE CLOUD a Supreme Craft 36 footer?
    MANURERE was built in 1919 for (and possibly by) the Hogan brothers. I don’t know where she is now. I lose track of her in 1972 owned by C. Garvie, although that might be another MANURERE; there were several.


  6. When I was a wee lad my dad brought a launch called Manurere, she was a 32 foot bridge decker built around the turn of the century. Unfortunately dad died 2 years ago so I am writing this from my memory. Dad brought Manurere from a gentleman called Jock Menzies, whom was a good friend of Muir Chilwells ! This would have been somewhere around 1965ish, I would have been 10 years old. Jock, Muir and dad liked to enjoy themselves and if my memory is correct they did this well and frequently! We used to meet up a lot around the back side of Waiheke and in particular in Garden Cove. I cannot for the life of me remember what Jock Menzies boat was called, in think she was about 36 foot and had flare to the bow and modern cabin for the day. Mum is still alive and remembers the days we used to all meet up. If any one can remembers the name of jocks boat, or where Manurere ended up, and also I vaguely remember that Jock had a one or two sons that I used to knock around with, they would be probably in their late 60.s now, what were the names? Dad went on and later owned Wanda, which I have responded to recently on Waitemata woodys. look forward to a reply!


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