Lady Karita

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story & photos ex Russell Ward
Lady Karita. One of Sam Fords finest.Used to be on the marina off AMYC and Menai was nearby. Both fine ships.
The b/w photo was at a AMYC picnic. Off to the left you can see Monterey. Astern is Lady Faye or her sister ship  (is it –the one without the turtle deck?) Nearby, I think it is Apache before the aft dodger changed her svelte lines. Would have been when Harold Parkinson had her and she was petrol.
Not sure of the boat astern of Karita, but Barney Soljacks Southern Belle is astern of her. Can’t make out who it is astern of her.
The colour photos are at Havelock Marina  and Lady Karita is looking pretty chipper.
Alan H comment –  I was once told that the Slipmaster at Westhaven said that Lady Karita was the best boat Sam Ford made – because the man who commissioned her stood over him while he built her. Those that know about Sam Ford boats will know that this is probably true 🙂
Updated again: Someone also said that having a Sam Ford boat in your marina was ecologically very good as they filtered the water thru their hull everyday – I’m bad, I know 🙂

7 thoughts on “Lady Karita

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  2. Hi I owned Lady Karita from 1980 till around 1993, She was always housed in a shed at Kissing Point Whangarei. cruised in the Bay of Islands a lot .. Brian Simpkins


  3. Hi Alan. That’s correct. Murray also owns the Collings & Bell bridgedecker “Kawhiti” so Lady K is in very capable hands. She is presently undergoing some topsides repairs and getting the full Awlwood treatment. She will continue to be based in the Nelson region for the immediate future. I understand Murray may be looking at joining the CYA with her, which would be great.


  4. I entirely agree that in my view LADY KARITA is without doubt, the flagship of the Sam Ford fleet & the most beautiful boat he ever built.
    Boats in the 1950s pic, at what looks like the southern side of Motuihi, include ADARA ( Des Donovan–behind & to the left, (not FAYE– which is “FAYE” not “LADY FAYE” — FRED STEELE –she was the one of those 2 boats, with the turtle foredeck ), JUANITA (Cyril Bertrand, –which is immediately behind LADY KARITA) & the others as already noted — KEN R


  5. Reply from Ken Ricketts – who has computer probs again

    The boat directly astern of Lady Karita, on the RHS of the pic, is almost certainly “Juanita,” — have cross checked my pic of her &it all adds up. Pic of boat immediately to left of her looks like one of the Monterey, Almeray, group, but it can’t be the Monterey because she only has 2 portholes in the bow, It in my view is most likely to be one of the Georgella, Naiad, group, — may possibly be Almeray but my distant recall is, that she also had 2 portholes on the bow as with Monterey also appears to be sitting slightly differently in the stern. Boat behind Monterey look alike & is almost certainly Faye, or Adara, (Steel, or Donovan), & as Faye had a “radiused roll over” deck line, to the top of the hull, at the bow, & Adara did not have this, — hers was more right angle built, & studying the pic on enlargement, I think in all probability, it is Adara, but in so saying, it is not clear enough to be totally certain, but definitely one of the 2 of them.


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