Woodys in the North







Meloa May 2015


Woodys In the North
Another collection of photos ex Dean Wright of classic woodys cruising the the Bay of Islands. Shown is Ranui the NZ built ‘Chris Craft’ at Days Point. Summer Wine off Takou Bay heading North & one of Waipawa – anchored on the south side of Moturoa Island. Meola is also pictured in Frenchmans Bay, Moturua Island but this is back in May 2015.
Can anyone ID the last photo above, she is shown here heading toward Waewatorea in the BOI.

Wash Day on Linda
Woody Robin Elliott snapped the photos below of Linda heading into Opunga Cove over the New Year period. Given the array of laundry flying, it looks like another one of those memorable Brooke family cruises 🙂



Update 10-04-2018 photo below of Meloa, taken by Angus Rogers, shows her at Crowles Bay, Te Puna Inlet.


5 thoughts on “Woodys in the North

  1. yep, she’s currently on D pier the marina at Doves Bay. I took some pix of her and sent them to Alan just after New Year.,

    The varnish was not that flash and needed doing. She now has the varnish work under custom made covers.


  2. I’m wondering if the RANUI image was taken a while back, as I saw her not too long ago on 5.10.16 on the hardstand at Gulf Harbour, where she was having a complete repaint & re varnish. — Refer to the images I took at that time, & displayed in the last post on RANUI dated 1.11.16, as the varnish work as above looks, in comparatively poor condition — KEN R


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