I was approached last year by a wooden boat admirer who was looking to purchase a Mason Clipper & with the help of several woodys reviewed several potential candidates.
This gent has impeccable taste so it was always going to be a big ask to find a Mason that ticked all the boxes. During the search he came a cross a 19′, 1968 Marlin Marauder which had the WoW factor. Again with some woody help the boat passed the pre-purchase ‘survey’ & now as a new very happy owner.

Hope is rather special & as I have predicated (talked up) in the past, is a perfect example of the rise in popularity of trailer-able woodys. With the cost of marina space for even a 10.5m berth averaging out at $650 a month, one of these is a no-brainer + the ability to keep it at home or in storage makes maintenance so do-able.

I will feature more on Hope on ww soon 😉


4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hi I’ve got hold of a 26′ double diagonal Marlin Marauder believed to be “the last” wooden one built? If anyone who has more info on them it will be gratefully received.


  2. I must be having a bad day — you referred to her as HONEY, & she says her name is HOPE on the stern. — Well I suppose one of you has to be right!

    It was me having a spec savers moment 🙂 Alan H


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