Tony Brewer contacted me regarding his recent purchase of – Monita a 17’ Mason Marlin which was built by Sutton Mason & Co. Ltd in Mt Roskill, Auckland sometime in the 1950’s.  She is powered by a 2003 90hp 4stroke Honda, which Tony feels maybe to heavy.  He is considering re-powering with a 2013 Mercury Mariner 50hp ELPTO 2stroke. Tony’s not interested in a high top speed but would like to be able to travel at between 15 to 18 knots.  Fuel economy is not an issue as they do not travel far and there would usually be only 2 people on board.

So woodys – the question of the day is – would the boat be under powered with the 50hp motor?





I was approached last year by a wooden boat admirer who was looking to purchase a Mason Clipper & with the help of several woodys reviewed several potential candidates.
This gent has impeccable taste so it was always going to be a big ask to find a Mason that ticked all the boxes. During the search he came a cross a 19′, 1968 Marlin Marauder which had the WoW factor. Again with some woody help the boat passed the pre-purchase ‘survey’ & now as a new very happy owner.

Hope is rather special & as I have predicated (talked up) in the past, is a perfect example of the rise in popularity of trailer-able woodys. With the cost of marina space for even a 10.5m berth averaging out at $650 a month, one of these is a no-brainer + the ability to keep it at home or in storage makes maintenance so do-able.

I will feature more on Hope on ww soon 😉