Raumati II (Moeraki)


Ok its only a mystery because the broker selling it wont include the vessels name in the listing. Well that’s fine, I wont include their name on ww  🙂

The sales story says its a 1948 Colin Wild, d/d/ kauri, major refit in 2010, which included reconditioning the under sole twin GM 55h.p. diesels.

Anyone able to ID her ?

13 thoughts on “Raumati II (Moeraki)

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  3. great stuff Harold — thanks for bringing my memory up to speed with KOANUI, — as soon as I read it, it all came back to me — I was, as you know, uneasy about MOERAKI ‘

    The Taylor Stewart ownership of AURORA was son in law (Stewart) & Taylor (Stewart’s wife’s father). The Perkins had a very noisy stern exhaust & ran rough when rough idling like all P6 Perkins & puffed lots of blue smoke out the back. — we knew the boat & the Stewarts well — KEN R


  4. Sorry, she’s clearly RAUMATI II/MOERAKI. The slip in the launching pic is the Lows’ slip. Somewhere I have a bunch of images of her from recent owner Wayne Connor but can’t put my hands on them right now.


  5. There is a merry mix up here.
    MOERAKI was built by Low Bros in Whangarei as RAUMATI II for Alf Walker and launched on 27th November 1948 to a design by Colin Wild, slightly modified by the Lows. She was fitted with twin 2-71 GM diesels. Keith Otway bought her around 1957 and renamed her MOERAKI.
    AURORA was built by Lane Motor Boat Co in 1947 for S.B. Philpott and fitted with a 65hp Perkins. Subsequent owners include C. Yockney (1953), Taylor & Stewart (1958).
    Noel Meldrum’s launch was KOANUI, also designed by Colin Wild, which Meldrum built for himself at the boarding house at Orewa. She had a 100hp Chrysler. Last heard of in 2003 owned by Graeme Wade at OBC.


  6. I think MOERAKI, may have been built for the Meldrum family, who owned a guest house at Orewa st that time, & were fiends of my aunt & uncle, & it was either her, or a very similar boat that was bult for them in that era. — KEN RICKETTS


  7. MOERAKI’s present engines are also her original engnes, — I saw them in her 40 years ago, one day at Westhaven, when I was aboard. — The 1st pair of 2-71 GM Detroits I had ever seen in a boat, & I recall it well. — Unusual to see 2 x twin cylinder engines in a pleasure craft at that time, in my experience. She had side exhausts out each side of the hull, with baffles over the outlets, aboiut 6 inches above the waterline & a little hull “blackening” along the sides, when I saw her. — KEN RICKETTS


  8. It is of coure the MOERAKI, & in Wellington, as one can see, with the Oriental Bay fountain in the background.

    The AURORA was built by Lane Motor Boat & owned by Colin Stewart of Fisher & Paykel in the 50s 60s era & powered by a Perkins – (P6 I think it was). I have a pic & movie footage of her, at the Barrier, at that time. — Haven’t seen her for years,– wonder where she’s got to??? — KEN RICKETTS.


  9. The Warren family at Kohi in Auckland………..Boat name……AURORA I THINK THATS THE BOAT.In 1950 to 1960’s


  10. Looks awefully like Moeraki based in Seaview Marina in the Hutt Valley early 2000s. Note one of the photos taken in Oriental Bay. Owners’ first names around early 2000s were Eady(sp?) and Warren. Seaview Marina would have records. Frank. (Atatu).


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