Mystery Launch Off Devonport Yacht Club – Raumati II > Moeraki


Todays mystery launch photo comes to us via Mitchell Hutchings fb from the Parsonson Family collection.

There appears to be a working-bee underway at the Devonport Yacht Club on what must be the western slipway.

The Mason Clipper in the photo must help date the photo.

19-10-2022 INPUT FROM FRANK WARNOCK I am almost certain that the launch in Mondays report moored off the Devonport Yacht Club was Happy Wanderer owned by John Senior. The working bee was replacing a rail on the Western slipway or cementing an existing one back after a storm. The date would be the 1960s.

30-10-2022 INPUT ex Nathan Herbert – the vessel is Raumati II > Moeraki



Raumati II – same boat?


I was contacted recently by Courtney Edwards in regard to her grandfather (Arthur Wilfred “Wolf” Edwards) launch Raumati II – read Courtney’s note below.

“We have been enjoying the Waitemata Woody’s site to learn about the wooden boats we see when staying in bays around the Gulf on our very fiberglass sportfisher

We stumbled upon the photos of Raumati II (Moeraki). My grandfather (Arthur Wilfred “Wolf” Edwards) owned a Raumati II that certainly looks similar from the late 40’s or early 50’s and for about 5 to 7 years. I have attached two photos…one was dated 1955 so assuming both are from then. My dad (Bruce) remembers bringing it down from Whangarei when they got it. It was kept at Westhaven and then sold to a doctor who kept it on a swing mooring at Devonport…does this sound correct? He also remembers that when they got it one of the kauri skins on one side had to be replaced from it sitting on the mud and rotting. He thought there was a very similar looking boat (but slightly longer) that was the police launch at some time…his dad had worked on it.

We also enjoyed the photos of La Rosa…my partner Mike’s grandfather, Bob King, had that and he remembers many times on it as a young kid. His dad (Douglas Oliver) then had Poseidon (Owen Woolley) which I found a photo of but can’t get back to wherever it was…are you able to point me in the right direction?

Thanks for the great resource!”

Alan H input – Courtney – link t Posiedon on ww here
Based on the photos on ww (2 below) it would appear to me that the vessel shown in the above photos is the same vessel. Have a look woodys – do you agree ? (apologies for the very low res photos above, trying to get better copies)

Raumati II (Moeraki)


Ok its only a mystery because the broker selling it wont include the vessels name in the listing. Well that’s fine, I wont include their name on ww  🙂

The sales story says its a 1948 Colin Wild, d/d/ kauri, major refit in 2010, which included reconditioning the under sole twin GM 55h.p. diesels.

Anyone able to ID her ?