Mystery Havelock Marina Launch

Mystery Havelock Marina Launch

One of the boats that Dean Wright photographed at Havelock Marina back in October 2022, is pictured above – to date we have not been able to ID her.

Obviously has the sounds boat look i.e. could take just about anything over the bow and still pop up.

The size of the dry stack exhaust at the rear of the pilot house suggests a rather large zoom zoom down below.

Can any of the southern woodys put a name and more details to her?

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Back in early Dec 2022 Dean Wright sent me a bucket load of woody photos from a dockside walk he did at Havelock Marina while down south – one of the woodys Dean snapped was the launch – Mandalay, seen above. We ran a WW story at the time but did not generate any leads on Mandalay’s history – so today she get to stand alone i.e. not surrounded by a dozen other photos.

Can we learn more on her provenance.

30-05-2023 UPDATE ex PHIL VINING – I remember having her listed back maybe 1980’s. Ian has kindly forwarded the old listing to me from the Vinings archives. Copy of listing below. info as given by then owner.

Been a busy 2 weeks, had my boat hauled out at the Slipway Milford for some TLC – wasn’t all superficial, a few slightly worrying issues needed addressing (my lips are sealed) but being a good patient she was rewarded with some bling – which included a Jason Prew Paint Job (JPPJ) . The ‘painter’ is addicted to Grownup Donuts, there may be a connection between the quantity of donuts and the quality of the finish 🙂

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WW was sent the above photos of the launch – Corinna, by John Burland. John was mooching around the marina at Havelock.

Corinna is an unknown to WW so very keen to learn more.

INPUT EX TRACY & ALAN GILDER – She looks similar to Kokoru. Definitely a Jack Morgan design / build. There were 6 Jack Morgan vessels built in the fleet along with Kokoru, her being the last. We saw Hawaiki on the hardstand at Waikawa Picton Feb 2020 (photos below), looking very forlorn and neglected.

INPUT EX DICK HALL – Hawaiki was the first of Jacks design about 1950.The others being Gerola (only one with focsle head & now called Kiwa),Safari Queen, Siren (aft W/House) Corinna, Kokoru.. Pania was built to the same design but I think 2ft longer. Corinna built new for the Teece family and I think still in their ownership

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2022 Cruise Story

LAURA JO + Last Chance To Save A Woody

LAURA JO + Last Chance To Save A Woody

The very salty looking woody – Laura Jo was one of the craft that Dean Wright recently photographed at Havelock Marina. And that woodys is all we know – can we added more details to her history and how she came to call Havelock home.

08-12-2022 UPDATE ex David Martin –

The Laura Jo was originally the launch Laura. She was purchased in the early 90s as an ex fishing boat needing a lot of TLC by lovely couple living in Sumner. The ladies name was Jo, and the boat was re-launches as Laura Jo. Her huband was Bruce (I recall?) who passed away in the late 90s. LJ was re-built, cabin extended, and berthed in Lyttelton at that time.
I have more photos and a drg of her (I drew many of my friends Boats around that period). I will dig up all the info I have and add at a later date.

FRIDAY IS EXECUTION DAY – PARMA HAS A DATE WITH THE CRUSHER – To save her call Manheim at 09 918 0500 – the actual boat is offered up at no charge.

Classic Wooden Boats At Havelock Marina

Classic Wooden Boats At Havelock Marina

Back in late October 2022 Dean Wright was in Blenheim attending John Gander’s significant birthday, all birthdays are significant but the ones with ‘0’s’ in them are more significant.

While down south Dean did some marina mooching and todays photo gallery comes to us from the Havelock marina. Nice to see a couple of our bigger northern woodys now safely tucked way down south – Turongo and Durville. Sad to lose them from the Waitemata but if we were keeping score I think we win more than we lose 🙂

A lot of craft unknown to WW and will probably morph into WW stories in their own right. As always click on photos to enlarge.

Woody On Tour – Havelock Marina


Woody On Tour

Ross Dawson sent in the above collection of woodys from the Havelock Marina. In Ross’s words he is “currently touring around the Mainland, and taking any opportunity (when Mrs Tourist is otherwise distracted) to mooch about marinas and wharves to take pics of ‘interesting’ wooden boats.”
Great to see Gleniffer again – click link to see/read more about her, particularly Harold Kidd’s comments
Can we ID > provide more details on any of the other boats?