Sterling Girl – Bailey & Lowe 1913 Bridge-deck Launch

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Sterling Girl – Bailey & Lowe 1913 
The above boat has a couple of features that ring my bell – a wood fire and a Ford Model T wheel / helm. On top of this she appears to be a very well loved woody.
Her length is 35’ with a beam of 9’6” and draws 4’. She was built in 1913 by Bailey & Lowe, from of course kauri.
Her engine is a 120hp 6cyl, Ford diesel that gives her a speed range of 8>11 knots.
As with most Southern boats she is very well fitted out.
And surprise surprise the broker (trying) to sell her, has again chosen to not list her name. Never mind one of our southern Woodys will supply that and hopefully more details.
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads-up.
Harold Kidd Input – STERLING GIRL was built for Robert Taylor of Birkenhead and was named after her Sterling engine, a high-quality American marine engine of the time for which Bailey & Lowe were the agents. When Taylor had the big schooner LADY STERLING built in 1920 by Bailey & Lowe he sold STERLING GIRL to Capt G H White and he sold her to Roy Henderson in 1924.

Sterling Girl

photos & details ex Wendy Muir

A question for the woodys today – are the 2 boats above the same?
Both are named Sterling Girl, but as we know with classic launches that can mine nothing.
The top photo is of Sterling Girl c.1915. She was built by Bailey & Lowe in 1913 & belonged to Robert Taylor of Birkenhead. Named Sterling girl because she had a Sterling engine.
After the Great War, he had Lady Sterling built. (She is now on Lake Wakatipu )
The second photo is of a boat on the hard in Nelson at Easter this year. Also called Sterling Girl.

So folks what say you?

As always keen to find out more at the Nelson boat.

Sterling Girl


Sterling Girl

Built by Bailey & Lowe in 1913. Being a B&L Harold K will know doubt be able to shed some more light on her.

photo ex classicgameboatnz

Harold Kidd Update

Bailey & Lowe were agents for the very fine US-built Sterling marine engine and so were keen to promote the brand by incorporating the name in names of boats they built for themselves and even others eg the launches STERLING (2 of them), STERLING GIRL and the motorsailer LADY STERLING. STERLING GIRL was built for K.R. Taylor of Birkenhead and launched in November 1913. She had a 20-35hp Sterling engine and was built on their 35ftx 8ft 6in launch moulds that had produced a long line of fine boats including STERLING, PRINCESS, COUNTESS etc and which in modified form, produced the later MANU and ROMANCE II. Taylor sold her to Capt. G. H. White during the winter of 1920 when he had commissioned the 48ft schooner-rigged motorsailer LADY STERLING from Bailey & Lowe. Roy Henderson owned her in 1925 and then she was sold to the South Island. I saw her in Nelson in 1999 when she was owned by Ross Power of Christchurch and I think she’s still there.

10-12-2015 Update from John Burland

Photos below in Nelson Marina & she is still owned by Ross Power. Love the Ford Model T wheel.

Sterling Girl

Sterling Girl - wheelhouse