Sterling Girl

photos & details ex Wendy Muir

A question for the woodys today – are the 2 boats above the same?
Both are named Sterling Girl, but as we know with classic launches that can mine nothing.
The top photo is of Sterling Girl c.1915. She was built by Bailey & Lowe in 1913 & belonged to Robert Taylor of Birkenhead. Named Sterling girl because she had a Sterling engine.
After the Great War, he had Lady Sterling built. (She is now on Lake Wakatipu )
The second photo is of a boat on the hard in Nelson at Easter this year. Also called Sterling Girl.

So folks what say you?

As always keen to find out more at the Nelson boat.

4 thoughts on “Sterling Girl

  1. I think she is surely the same boat. The only slight worry is the shape of the forefoot which cuts away very quickly below the waterline in the original photo, but this could be explained by a raised waterline in the second photo. She had a lot of class when built – two masts, clinker dinghy astern, huge ensign etc.Her present cabin also has a lot of class in my view, apart from the wheelhouse, but even that could be worse. Too far forard though. The dodger is just right.


  2. To my eye she is the same girl.If you remove, in the second photo, every green appendage and tram top windows above the cream cabin side she has the same sweet lines. Yes the porthole has gone from the hull but the sweet hull sheer is still there.


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