Mystery Boat 20-06-2015

Mystery Boat 20-06-2015
photos & details ex Jason Prew

Now the remains of the small double-skinned boat pictured above will test the Lake woodys – to quote Jason’s uncle, Kevin O’Hara, “she was pulled up from Lake Taupo last year & is now sitting at Will Shirer`s place at Kuratau”, near Turangi. Photos from Will’s camera.

Now if we get a proven ID on her – I’ll give the winner a ww t-shirt, as below. Note: the raspberry pavlova is not include 😦

9 thoughts on “Mystery Boat 20-06-2015

  1. No further thoughts on this boat , I am sorry to say. As you observe, there is a lot of pitch on the prop – the RPM would have been low. Wouldn’t have taken many horses to drive her at hull speed, given her long and lean character. Unusually huge rudder.


  2. That’s because I haven’t a clue, really. The arrangement of the prop, rudder etc is pretty clunky and surely unoriginal. However, she’s possibly Logan-built, whether or not for the Lake, with that double diagonal construction and the canoe stern. But then another half dozen of Auckland Province builders, inspired by the Logan method, could have built her. If anyone will know it will be the Drakes.


  3. Better make it soon, Pam and get some lines and measurements off her for the record before she disintegrates completely. Interesting handling of the stern aperture. Some sort of ship’s boat do you think?


  4. I’m sure the pavlova was delicious…..but it looks a bit like a seriously ruptured Haggis!


  5. What a little sweety, what a find. How long had they known she was there before retrieving her?
    I’m interested in a side view of her to see the angle the bow sits at. Can you come up with another image showing that ?
    What makes her even more special, to me is she’s so little.
    May we come and see her one day?


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