Mystery Launch 16-06-2015

Mystery Launch & Location 18-06-2015
photo ex Juliana Cooke (nee Turnwald)

All I can tell you about the above photo is that it was taken in 1940.
I can count 21 on board & it looks like more are about to board AND not a lifejacket in sight, no rules in those days 😉

Given the reeds & the bow ladder – suspect its on a lake – Taupo ?

11 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 16-06-2015

  1. PPS It seems KAHURANGI was taken to Lake Tarawera after the Jukes boats came to Waikaremoana. Then, in 1949, she was sent to Lake Mapourika in South Westland.
    Maybe this image is on Tarawera or Rotomahana? Of course there were several other launches on both those lakes.
    By 1940 the Tourist Dept launches carried miniature Carley floats so I think this launch must be privately owned.
    I’m sure we’ll worry it out.


  2. PS if Waikaremoana then she’s just possibly the Logan Bros KAHURANGI, a 35ft double-ender built for the lake by Logan Bros in 1903, but not with this tophamper. She was pensioned off by the Government around 1929 when the two Jukes-built boats were ordered, and probably stayed on the lake, possibly re-named.


  3. If it’s Waikaremoana then the launch is neither of the two Government launches built for the lake by Joe Jukes, RUANUI and RUAPANI, nor is it CYRENA/MARITZA. I wonder about Waikaremoana as the Government Tourist Dept had a monopoly on tourist launches there. From the reeds, I would think that it’s on a freshwater lake not on saltwater.
    She’s a good-looking canoe-stern hull of the Logan Bros-type from one of the better builders.


  4. It is not Lake Taupo.
    I do not think it is Whanagaroa unless it is taken on a spring tide.
    For the North Island, I think it could be Lake Waikaremoana…….not sure which arm as it is many years since I visited there.


  5. My 2c would be that it cooooould be from the north side of the shallow end of the Western Arm at Whangaroa, past Lane Cove on the right, Kingfish Lodge area in the far distance? Slim chance but worth a suggestion


  6. ‘No can do —too pixelated’. You must not reach out for that glass, Alan, until the sun’s over the yardarm. Thank you doctor.


  7. Then maybe Juliana can re-scan the image at much higher resolution, say 1200 dpi in b&w?


  8. Possibly Te Weta bay, Lake Rotoiti (north I). Just a stab in the dark…. looks familiar.


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