Lady Claire

photo & details ex John Wicks

Now Lady Claire has appeared in detail on ww before but I have had a request via John Wicks from her owner, Bruce Carter to see if any woodys can ID the people in the above photo. The photo was supplied by Rebecca Hayter (Boating NZ) . No one knows anything about the photo but John feels it could be pre WWII.
She was a magnificent looking launch & must have been one of THE boats in her day.
To read / view more on her click this link

Remember you can click on the image to enlarge, then click on ‘View full size’, then move the magnifying glass icon over the image & then click on the area you want to enlarge further.

Photo of Lady Claire & Lady Eileen hauled out together – may 2014 ex Ken R


5 thoughts on “Lady Claire

  1. Have now had a chance to enlarge the pic & I am fairly confident that it’s Stan Headland holding on to the mast, the build is right the hair at the sides is darkish brown by the look of it, the tummy is the right size & shape, but just can’t quite see the front of the hairline to see if it’s receding. — KEN R


  2. Stan Headland had dark brown straight hair, cut to the standard medium length, of the era, receding from the front, & a round jovial happy looking face, solid build, -perhaps slightly rounded in the tummy, & about 5ft 7 or 5ft 8, so folks what do you think about who you can see? — KEN R


  3. Both W.J. Reid and Stan Headland were Squadron members so the image could have been taken during the ownership of either. Des Townson would have known who the people were.


  4. She sure is a looker, very similar in lines to Lady Margaret but with less tumble-home aft. Same plumb bow, slightly fuller than Tasman. Cant help with ID’ing the people sorry, lovely bit of Colin Wild bling to start the day though!


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