TAUFALE – A Peek Down Below

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TAUFALE – A Peek Down Below

The 32’ Les Coulthard built (c.1933) launch Taufale has featured before on WW, see link below, and appears in numerous layout / styles. Now thanks to her trademe (ex Ian McDonald) listing we get to have a peek down below. 

Taufale is powered by a 1965 Ford Lees 70hp diesel. Her tme listing states she has 2x 300L fuel tanks – if thats the case she should be able to lap NZ without a bowser stop 🙂
Make sure you read the WW comments section – there is lots of chat on her. Video viewing also, below



photos ex Harold Kidd (& trademe + Paper Past)

Recent chat here around a mystery launch moored in the Whau creek & the design / builds of Onehunga based, Les Coulthard has unearthed several of his 27′>30′ v-bottomed cruiser launches from the late 1930’s. CYA member Nathan Herbert is currently restoring Lucinda (search ww for a post on her) & her sister ship Taufale, that is currently for sale on trademe.
Interestingly Taufale has had 3 different cabin tops, the photos above show her as launched with a bridge deck type cabin, a single profile aft swooping version and the current single flat cabin top.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to which of the three versions you prefer – but as is most often the case, the ‘as launched’ wins hands down & gets my tick.

Note: you can freeze the slide show above by clicking on a photo + the smaller images below can be enlarged also by clicking on them.

New photo added ex Ken Ricketts camera in 1948, while in School House Bay.

Recent (2014) photos ex Nathan Herbert, hauled out at the Weiti Boating Club