Lucinda sat unused off Devonport Yacht Club for a number of years & being a DYC  member I have had more calls about her than any other boat. Normal stuff – “who owns her”, “is she for sale”, “has she been abandoned” etc. This was all because she is a very pretty little ship & would be a perfect restoration project. Its rare to find a sub 30’ launch that looks ‘right’ i.e. in proportion.

Well people – nows your chance, a CYA friend has tracked the owner down (overseas), purchased the boat, hauled her out, scrapped a few wheel barrow loads of weed & mussels off her & now circumstances have changed & she is on the market,  ready for someone to take on the project. At $4,500 ono they do not come better priced than this.

Some Info:

1930 hard chine Coulthard bridgedeck launch –  28ft.

The hull is sound and the boat does not appear to have rot in it, but needs a full re-paint & engine overhaul.

Engine is a 1987, Perkins 50hp which was apparently rebuilt before the boat was left on mooring, and now does not turn over so will want taking apart again.

She has new navy blue upholstery, various electrical spares, spare bronze nails, GPS chart plotter, fish finder, VHF

Has engine compressor driven refrigeration but unkown if it works still.

Stove/ oven in good visual condition but have not tried to start as there are other priorities with such a vessel.

View here

5 thoughts on “Lucinda

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  2. Engine not seized after all, but some alloy parts are TOAST from electrolysis due to salt water in bilge when she was found. Bloody fantastic support people around me for this boat, the project is once again moving forward at a safe pace. Updates as they happen


  3. Work has started on taking engine apart to free pistons from the bottom up today. If this works and it runs well enough/ at all, we will strip and paint boat all guns blazing. The truth is, with another perfectly good and larger boat, the prospect of total engine rebuild on this one is not something I have the care for at present.


  4. No you cant possibly shift her. How else will we judge our distance off Devonport each Wednesday night race!


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