Waiheke Island Mooching + Mystery Boat to ID

Waiheke Island Mooching

Bumped into a few old girls around Waiheke Island in the weekend – Safari, Nereides, Silens, Rorqual, Raindance & one newbie to me – anyone able to ID the launch below?
The island retailers must have had a blast – sun shining both days & lots of tourists, both international & day trippers. Great to see Nereides looking 110% post her wee dip last season.Oneroa has become a serious foodie spot + the craft beers on tap are rather good 😉

In a previous post Harold Kidd According commented that in the old APYMBA records a launch named Karina was built in Auckland by Brin Wilson and fitted with a Parsons diesel. Her first owners were T.J. & N.B. Price and then J & N Grieve (1970). Maybe the launch below is this one?

photo below of Karina from Ken Ricketts


12 thoughts on “Waiheke Island Mooching + Mystery Boat to ID

  1. Hey ken,
    Still loving owning and using karina and can’t wait for the summer. Will aim to head to bay of islands for a few weeks. Currently she has a 4 cylinder 75 horse power ford with a lees marine conversion. Still ticking over nicely. If you have any photos of her new or old I would love to see. Thanks


  2. Hi Yes that boat is indeed Karina. It is owned by my son and I , Ben and Anthony Hurdley and we keep it at OBC. Happy to give you more information if you require it.


  3. Hi there,

    That sure is Karina, my partner Ben Hurdley and his dad Antony Hurdley brought it approx 5 months ago. She hasn’t had much work done on her for a long time but we are slowing but surely giving her some much need attention and loving every minute of it! Thanks for the photo. Kathryn


  4. Hi Neil
    Apologies for the loud Pavarotti in the bay the other night… We were next to you in the bay. We had to turn it up to drown out Alan’s snoring when he dropped off to sleep😀… Just kidding… Was a great night though.. Nice to see your ship looking so good.
    I’ll pop over with a glass next time we spot you.

    Rorqual the whale chaser


  5. That doesn’t square with her APYMBA records which state that she was built by Brin Wilson in 1969 and fitted from new with a 60hp Parsons diesel, probably their marinisation of the Ford 2701E.
    Ford yes, but not “for their promotional purposes in boating publications”. I don’t think she’s got it now.


  6. Yes mate already done that
    It was good as I found she had been lengthened and that concurred when doing the deadwood work as I found the old rudder hole
    Great site
    Will have a beer next time we see you in a bay


  7. When KARINA was new she had a new updated version of a 4cyl Ford Diesel & was used by the Ford Motor Company for promotional purposes in boating publications — who knows she may still have it!! — KEN RICKETTS


  8. Hi Alan

    Thanks for the pictures of Safari ,not had her long and just repainted the the top sides and underwater sections and extended the deadwood to solve a horribly misaligned strut problem and straightened the shaft. so pleased with result for the first time could run at 1600 rpm without shaking the fillings out of your teeth
    Plus she tracks a bit better
    She feels a lot happier
    Next will be replacing a couple of broken ribs and 2 keel floors ,but not till I have used her a bit more
    Slowly getting rid of the rod holders as she had 18 and me and the kids only have 3 rods between us
    Great weekend at waiheke going to be a great cruising summer

    Kind regards

    Neil and Kirsty Williamson


  9. She is called KARINA — I have a pic taken of her in 1961 I will send to Alan , also the same name as my 3rd daughter, — same spelling as well. KEN RICKETTS


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