Heritage Basin – Yachts only or a showcase for our classic fleet.

Most of you are now aware that there could be something fishy (smelly) going on behind the scenes in terms of the negotiations concerning what classic CYA vessels can (or will be invited) to berth at the new Heritage Basin on Auckland’s Waterfront.

The link (below) to the original WW story has been clicked on 27,538 times – + we have had dozens of emails and calls of support – and only 2 negative comments.


The Classic Yacht Association is at a cross road and the decision the executive committee and its sub-committee, who are currently negotiating on behalf of (supposedly) all members will determine the future of the CYA. The wrong decision i.e. one of segregation, could propel the CYA back 12 years to when there were two clear fractions – sail and power, and both pursued their on path. 

Strong action is needed to gain the attention of the CYA executive committee –  so woodys I ask you to consider two options. 

(A) Email the CYA Chairperson  – Rachel Orr – and ask this question “ Hello, Will access to the new Heritage Basin marina be open to all CYA registered boats, yes or no?” email address      chair@classicyacht.org.nz

(B) If you are a member of the CYA, in the last 24hrs you will have received your annual subscription renewal email – consider holding off payment until as members we receive confirmation that when and if the new Heritage Basin marina goes ahead – all CYA registered vessels will be eligible to apply for access and while there will be standards and contractual terms to be met, these should be based on the likes of standard of presentation, not by method of propulsion or length or age.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I’m sorry there is no boat story – I’ll make it up 🙂

Remember – it is all about the boats, not the people.
Ps – there is some urgency to this story, due to the Covid lock-down the next CYA Executive Committee meeting could be differed (scheduled for 7-09-2021) and that might just be too late………………..

5 thoughts on “Heritage Basin – Yachts only or a showcase for our classic fleet.

  1. given the cya chairman directs people to Chad Thomson, that would suggest it is him – Is there a PRIZE (excuse the pun) if you get the right answer?


  2. so, this heritage basin fiasco, does anyone know who the rocket scientist is driving this senseless direction? the one responsible for unsettling the CYA fraternity?? Spill! They’ve got a lot to answer for!

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  3. I just do not understand why the CYA committee – don’t just answer the bloody question and close this all down. So you have to ask yourself, if they can not answer because we will not like the answer. So come on Chairperson, pull up the big boys pants and answer the question please.
    I filed my membership subscription email in the drafts inbox, where it will remain until I get confirmation of the Heritage Basin vessel selection criteria.


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