Hukarere – P Vos


Hukarere 1009


Hukarere 2010

The above photo of the 1936 Percy Vos built 40’ launch – Hukarere was sent to me by Baden Pascoe. Baden recently uncovered a letter he received back in December 2018 from a Mrs McCormack, the daughter of Stephen Menzies, the original owner of Hukarere. Mrs McCormack wrote the letter following reading Baden’s book ‘Launching Dreams – Percy Vos – The Boats & His Boys’ . The letter provides a time line of what happened to the boat during and after her fathers ownership.
Sadly she mentions in the letter that all her notes and photos of Hukarere where given to the Auckland Maritime Museum – the biggest black hole in the land. It would be safe to assume they will never see that light of day again – most likely in a land fill somewhere……….. 😦
Interested to her from anyone that can confirm, and contribute more to the story – in particular photos.
Input from Dave Stanaway -photo below of Hukarere when involved in the Auckland harbour bridge construction

4 thoughts on “Hukarere – P Vos

  1. Such a lovely story & sad loss for boating,& a boat that many of us will have never seen — one of Vos’s loveliest boats in my view. — KEN R


  2. The person aft is my father John William Davis, at the time a boatbuilder at Vos’s yard, and I understand was primarily involved in the building of this launch. Dad always said that the owner offered him a job maintaining her in Tauranga and having her available for fishing trips. He said he could not see much of a future for himself in such a role and stayed with Vos.


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