CYA Classic Yacht Regatta 2019 – Race #1 – 37 Photos


Rawhiti & Ariki




Little Jim




CYA Classic Yacht Regatta 2019 – Race #1 – 37 Photos

At the end of the day I shot down to Devonport Wharf with the tele-lens & just caught the fleet sliding down the harbour, a little overcast but that would have been a + for the crews.
I’ll attempt to ID the yachts – scroll over the photos to see names – if I get it wrong, let me know 😉
As you read this I’ll be winging my way south to Lake Rotoiti (Nelson Lakes) for the 20th NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show, mooching around Nelson for a few days so should have some good southern content next week.

Nomad + Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta Details


NOMAD – Sailing Sunday
Today’s photo is very different from the woodys I was drooling over yesterday at the Mahurangi Regatta , but at WW they come in all shapes, sizes & condition.
Nomad certainly looks like that in her day she would not have been afraid of some blue water. Nomad was photographed by John Burland, in Nelson.
Do we know more about her?
28-01-2019 Input from Gavin Pascoe – 

Nomad started life as a catboat.
Builder:Edwin Bailey
Place built:Wellington
Year built:1914
Construction:2-skin diagonal
Class:Catboat centreboarder
Owners:E. W. Barnard (Wellington, 1947); W. Taylor (Petone, Lower Hutt, 1914-??)

Notes:Converted to yawl in 1929. Centreboard replaced by deadwood keel 1947, and changed to gaff rigged sloop/motorsailer.

some early pictures:

And here



screen shot 2019-01-17 at 1.20.16 pm
If you are in & around Auckland, a float or on land – make the effort to check out the regatta, its an amazing sight & our woodys are a very big part of the event. Link below for details on what, when & where.
Two events with big appeal to WW motorboat followers – The Work / Tug boat race and the Classic Launch Race, again full details on the above link.
screen shot 2019-01-17 at 1.25.07 pm
A couple of weeks ago as part of my xmas/ny cruise story, I posted a photo of a yacht a ground at Man o War Bay, we had not luck ID’ing her, so the skipper escaped being named 🙂 Another photo from John Wicks has surfaced – see below, anyone recognise her?

Wooden Boating VIP On The Waitemata

Wooden Boating VIP On The Waitemata

Today I hosted Ben Mendlowitz on Raindance, Ben is the number one wooden boat photographer in the world & shoots for just about every boating magazine there is & produces the world famous “Calendar of WoodenBoats’ + has authored dozens of books on the subject.
While in New Zealand Ben was keen to photograph some of our classic fleet, so we headed out yesterday to catch the classic division of the RNZYS Winter Series race.
Ben will have some stunning photos, I was just the driver today so only took a few, very average photos – I did however capture 2 rare events:
1. Thelma going a ground off Stanley Point – some very red faces
2. Jason Prew venturing forward of the mast on Rawene – he didn’t look comfortable 🙂
Photos below – enjoy
In case you missed it – in 2 weeks (Oct 5>7th) is the annual Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition at the Viaduct – this year the theme is ‘The New Zealand Sailing Dinghy’ – I’ll post more on the event during the week – but right now Tony Stevenson is doing a call out to anybody interested in displaying their classic NZ designed and built sailing dinghy, yacht class information or memorabilia.
Please contact Tony Stevenson  or 021 977 456
Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 6.44.08 PM



Nomad is a perfect example of how confusing the issue of ID’ing a classic launches name can be. Harold Kidd has supplied the intel on Nomad below.

This launch started life as an amateur-built 35 footer, partially built  by a chap called Elley in Ponsonby who sold her to J.P. Aldred of Ponsonby. He had her finished off (most likely by Collings & Bell) and launched her in December 1919 as IRIHAPETI (maori for “Elizabeth”) powered by a 30hp Doman supplied by Collings & Bell. Aldred sold her to H.F. Butler of Remuera in November 1921 to commute to his property on Browns Island. Butler changed her name to NOMAD and kept her until about 1929, having repowered her with a 56hp Ferro around 1925. He sold her to Nops who sold her to W.E. Fullerton of Remuera in 1931. Fullerton sold her to Stan Parker in 1935 and he had her converted to her present configuration by Lidgards who added 7 feet to her amidships, taking her out to 42ft., renaming her ARAWA and having a 65/90 Deutz diesel installed.
After WW2 she was renamed REHUTAI.
(the photo above, dated 1937, is from the Tudor Collins collection at the Auckland Museum, emailed to me by Ken Ricketts)

Lake Taupo Launches

Lake Taupo Launches
photo ex Paul Drake

Today’s photo was sent in by Paul ex his brother Roger. Roger collects old Taupo postcards & this one is part of the collection. The post card was tagged ‘Launch Haven, Waikato River, Taupo’.
The recently posted launch ‘Katoa’ can be seen center right, can we ID any of the others?

10-12-2015 Input from Paul Drake

In the stream from the left – KAHURANGI (said to be home built in Hastings – last seen at Mana Marina some years ago being set up as a live-aboard). NGARO (Lidgard?). ARCADIA (said to be a Slattery and still at Taupo but with a different cabin). KATOA.

Moored to the river bank – at far left is KOTAHI (now at Auckland Zoo as previously discussed on ww.) At far right alongside each other are MARY (last seen on the Whanganui River) and HAPPY DAYS.

On the far side of the river above KATOA is NOMAD (previously owned by the Bull family who replaced her with KATOA). NOMAD last heard of at Rotorua.

Classic Reproductions

Classic Reproductions

Today’s post profiles the work of Wayne Spicer, a very talented modeler who has built an impressive number of our classic fleet. Wayne has been modeling for approx. 17 years & is a volunteer model maker at the Maritime Museum in Auckland (on Tuesdays). Wayne has built a number of square riggers including Endeavour, Bounty (3), Victory (3), Spanish galleon.

While at the Museum Wayne meet Rod Marler, the owner of the Logan yacht ‘Little Jim’, Rod commissioned Wayne to build a model of LJ & this got Wayne hooked on Logan boats. Wayne told me that he enjoyed the classic lines of the Logans and how they showed the evolution of sailing designs since the late 1800’s. You will see from the the list below that he has built quite a few.


Jessie Logan (2)
Little Jim (2)
Tawera (2)

Most of Wayne’s models are made from scratch which means they are not kit sets, fyi below are some photos of the model making process for Nomad.

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