CYA Classic Yacht Regatta 2019 – Race #1 – 37 Photos


Rawhiti & Ariki




Little Jim




CYA Classic Yacht Regatta 2019 – Race #1 – 37 Photos

At the end of the day I shot down to Devonport Wharf with the tele-lens & just caught the fleet sliding down the harbour, a little overcast but that would have been a + for the crews.
I’ll attempt to ID the yachts – scroll over the photos to see names – if I get it wrong, let me know 😉
As you read this I’ll be winging my way south to Lake Rotoiti (Nelson Lakes) for the 20th NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show, mooching around Nelson for a few days so should have some good southern content next week.


Princess 0878

Princess 0885


Back in early January 2016, I ran a story on ww, ex Paul Drake, on a launch by the name of Princess that had recently arrived at Lake Taupo. At the time there was discussion around whether the owners claim on her name plate as being a 1927 Col Wild launch was in fact genuine.

I was sent the above photos by Keith Grizzly / Raymond Davidson (sorry if I have the name/s wrong) taken during her extensive restoration over the 1998-2002 period. Apart from finding out she was used as a commercial fishing boat out of the Mahurangi, her builder was unknown to Keith and there was no name plate on her. Keith also commented that there was no evidence of any fire damage, so that may counter Harold Kidd’s comment that she may have started life as the 1927 36 footer Paloma which was pretty much burnt out in a fire in 1929 and completely rebuilt. But in HDK’s defence he also said that Paloma was hard chime.

So woodys use the link below to view the previous story & maybe with the addition of the above photos we can ID the launch.


photos & details ex Paul Drake

Paul has advised that the above launch has arrived at Lake Taupo within the last few weeks. Now if we believe the name plate she is a 1927 Colin Wild boat. Paul commented that its a nice touch having the build year and builder’s name being advertised, but it would be nice with they spelt the name correctly (Wild not Wilde) 😦

Paul believes that if her provenance stacks up, she is probably the only Col Wild on the lake.

The name plate states her home anchorage was Mahurangi, so what more do we know about Princess & how did she end up on the lake ?