photos & details ex Paul Drake

Paul has advised that the above launch has arrived at Lake Taupo within the last few weeks. Now if we believe the name plate she is a 1927 Colin Wild boat. Paul commented that its a nice touch having the build year and builder’s name being advertised, but it would be nice with they spelt the name correctly (Wild not Wilde) 😦

Paul believes that if her provenance stacks up, she is probably the only Col Wild on the lake.

The name plate states her home anchorage was Mahurangi, so what more do we know about Princess & how did she end up on the lake ?

7 thoughts on “Princess

  1. All your your comments on on all these wonderful wooden boats are greatly appreciated …I get your email each week, thanks so much …( how is it going with all the crazy weather over there, I try to keep up to date with all the weather forecasts I can get …I will keep in touch with you , via


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  3. hello i am the present owner of princess the spelling of wilde was a printers mistake,ive owned her for 10 years and although shes now on lakle taupo she was kept in clevedon river.gene and kate owners


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  5. PS I photographed her on the Clevedon River in 2010. I would be prepared to bet she wasn’t built by Colin Wild in 1927………………but would be delighted to be proved wrong and have another Wild launch appear.


  6. No Wild PRINCESS but she may have started life as the 1927 36 footer PALOMA which was pretty much burnt out in a fire in 1929 and completely rebuilt. Odd, though, that the owner can’t spell WILD!


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