CYA Classic Yacht Regatta 2019 – Race #1 – 37 Photos


Rawhiti & Ariki




Little Jim




CYA Classic Yacht Regatta 2019 – Race #1 – 37 Photos

At the end of the day I shot down to Devonport Wharf with the tele-lens & just caught the fleet sliding down the harbour, a little overcast but that would have been a + for the crews.
I’ll attempt to ID the yachts – scroll over the photos to see names – if I get it wrong, let me know 😉
As you read this I’ll be winging my way south to Lake Rotoiti (Nelson Lakes) for the 20th NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show, mooching around Nelson for a few days so should have some good southern content next week.

Best Kiwi Woody Boating Photos Of Summer



Best Woody Boating Photos Of Summer

The above photos showing James & Michael Dreyer’s recently relaunched  33’ 1949 Luders designed motorboat – Laughing Lady & Jason Prew’s 1904 Arch Logan gaff rigger- Wairaki – are my 2 favourite photos from this summer. They capture what classic kiwi wooden boating is all about – fun, friendship & fraternity. 

The rebirth of these woodys would not have happened without people like Jason & James & the dozens of talented, enthusiastic craftspeople & helpers that rubbed up against the projects. And amazingly both of the guys have other classic woody projects on the go – Jason is restoring (rebuilding) the 1925 Dick Lang motor launch – My Girl. And James has a Rhodes 33 sloop in restoration in the USA, that hopefully will makes its way down under one day. In the meantime he gets his sailing fix from a 1937, 31’ Yankee One Design – made of kauri here in NZ, that he co-owns with his dad, Barry.

If your interested in viewing the restoration of LL or Wairiki, just search they name in the WW search box. 

  At the other end of the scale below is a short video on the 1910 Camper & Nicholson 162’ classic super yacht – Orion of the Seas, for sale in Italy. It is just magnificent but her maintenance budget would be bigger than the GDP of a lot of African nations. Enjoy the varnish porn. Tomorrow I’ll share with you my trip aboard Trinidad from Whangaroa, down the west coast of NZ to Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton.

A Woody Weekend To Remember

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.41.04 PM

Jason Prew & George Renall aboard Wairiki

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 6.15.31 PM

A Woody Weekend To Remember

I mentioned in yesterdays story, the weekend was just one out of the bag – just magnificent on all fronts.
A few CYA stalwarts headed out on Saturday for an overnighter at Administration Bay, Motutapu Island. The photos above from the combined cameras (more likely iPhones) of Jason Prew, Steve White & Dan Rendall show the yachts – Wairiki & Jonquil & the launch Lucinda. The young crew member in a few photos is Dan Rendall’s son – George, who already has his own P-Class (refer below photos a few weeks ago of the re-launch)
Enjoy the photo spread – they are rather good photos.

(included are a few random pics of other classics that were out enjoying the weekend)

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.49.59 PM

WAIRIKI – A Peek Down Below



WAIRIKI – A Peek Down Below

Wairiki, the 1934 Colin Wild built launch has appeared on ww before – link below, & created a lot of ‘chat’ in the comments section. If you read Nathan Herbert & Harold Kidd’s comments you will discover her true provenience 😉
Having just popped up on trademe, we have the chance to have a peek down below. Enjoy

Wairiki – Yes, No, Maybe?



Wairiki – Yes, No, Maybe?

In early January Nathan Herbert was poking around the Te Atatu Boating Club haul out area & spotted the launch Wairiki. It sparked a wee moment of ‘could it be…………’ & Nathan dropped me a note with the 2 photos above – “I won’t put my life on it, but I doubt I’m wrong. Same flare, same forward sheer, same bridge location, same twin for’d portholes. Wairiki as original moved to Wellington I’m told, and I have seen a photo of the modified one in Wellington in say the 1960’s. Without dodger. Add to that the correct name, and far too many coincidences.”
So would what do you think – same boat?

A tour of the waterfront



A tour of the waterfront

After the decision on Sunday to pull the pin on racing, David Glen took Rainbow for a wee cruise around the waterfront docks to check out the talent. Below is a pot-pourri of vessels – some classic, some wood, some glass & some very exotic.

Enjoy the cruise, we did 🙂


Sea Devil was hauled out at the hard stand for some TLC, if she was mine I would be taking the power plane to those anti-roll bilge fins. Very agricultural, the ones on my Raindance were similar & post some feathering / shaping the drag effect was noticeably reduced.

Yacht Porn – Sailing Sunday

Yacht Porn – Sailing Sunday
photos ex Jason Prew

I ‘borrowed’ the above photos off Jason’s facebook page, I’m sure he won’t mind as they are simply stunning & show off his 1904 Arch Logan classic – Wairiki, perfectly.

The photos were taken around 8.30pm on Boxing Day as Jason was sliding along at 6knots on-route to Patio Bay.

Most old things in life – including boats & people look better in the evening light & knowing Jason, these photos were most likely snapped on an iPhone which just shows how far technology has come – who needs a camera 😉

As always – click any photo to enlarge.

Link below takes you to the blogsite on the restoration of Wairiki – 100’s of photos 🙂