2020 New Zealand Classic Yacht Regatta Photo Gallery – 100+ photos and videos














2020 New Zealand Classic Yacht Regatta Photo Gallery – 100+ photos and videos

As I have mentioned in the last two WW stories, the Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand have over the last 3 days been running its annual classic yachting event on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour.
The near perfect conditions on all three days made for happy skippers and a relieved race organisers. I was on the water for two of the three days and had a blast. The gallery above is a mix of Races 1/2/3. If your boat doesn’t make an appearance, I apologize, I was only a passenger, so captured those that were within range.
On the second day, James Dreyer and myself hosted the world acclaimed marine photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz onboard Jame’s motorboat – Laughing Lady, the perfect platform for recording the on the water activities.
For me it was a master class in boat positioning and photography angles, I tried to keep out of Ben’s way and took the above photos / videos when I could without being in Ben’s line of sight.
These days the CYA run the regatta using the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron as Race HQ and entertainment hub, it is the perfect venue and as always the service and staff were 10/10.
 Scroll down for the official regatta results below
As always – click on photos to enlarge.
Race Course Videos Below (Races 2/3)






Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 11.39.20 AM

7 thoughts on “2020 New Zealand Classic Yacht Regatta Photo Gallery – 100+ photos and videos

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  2. Wow, what a record, some absolutely stunning pix there, what a perfect excuse for a late Monday start, could drool over these for hour, days……try picking the million dollar shot would be hard, there are a good number of contenders. You just cannot beat those subtle perfect lines and how they carry their finery, so CLASSICAL. Much appreciation to the familes, etc. that retain & honour these grand dames, long may they enjoy future breezes.


  3. Fantastic Alan, You will be getting a marine photography reputation internationally.
    btw…I see you slipped inthe odd passing launch!


  4. Thanks Allan – fantastic photos – I was out on Saturday and took a few photographs to send through – but they don’t compare to these. So pleased that the weather played its part.


  5. Brilliant coverage thanks Allan. Some shots of the 6-7 A Class gaffers together could have come from the 1900.s and just reinforce what a magnificent home restored fleet we have.


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