Classic Wooden Launches + Classic Sailing Regatta Photos


Help Needed Identifying Classic Wooden Launches

The above photo shows three launches (+ a peek on a 4th on the far left) moored in Hobson Bay, Auckland. The photo is from the Edward Double Collection (1930-1940), and comes to us via Maurice Sharp’s fb.
Can we ID the boats?
2020 CYA Classic Yacht Regatta
The annual 3 day sailing regatta is in progress and yesterday I crewed on Jason Prew’s 1904, Logan built gaffer – Wairiki in Race 1.
Now I have always heard dock chat that Wairiki was a wet boat, well folks I can confirm thats an understatement,
I think you would be dryer on a sail board 🙂 Water aside (it was warm) it was a great afternoon with nice people – Jason Prew, Steve Horsley, Micheal O’Dwyer and Joyce Talbot.
In-between waves and spray I managed to snap a few photos – a taste below – more tomorrow. Enjoy.

Ariki – 1904 Logan


Windhaven II – Colin Wild


Wairiki – Onboard foot spa


Jason Prew & Steve Horsley (L>R)




Mike O’Dywer, Steve Horsley, Alan Houghton

2 thoughts on “ Classic Wooden Launches + Classic Sailing Regatta Photos

  1. The bridgedecker on the left of the top image, which was taken by the sewer pipe in Wakatakataka Bay, on the wee beach below Ngapipi Rd., which is where she was moored all her early life, is of the Rautangi, taken in the Les Stericker era, when she had her bottle green painted 6 cyl Thornycroft petrol engine which had 1 side & 1 overhead valve in each cylinder.
    He was a brilliant engineer & founder of M D of Stericker Engineering Ltd., In Khyber Pass Rd Newmarket in the 1930s-60s.
    I were aboard Rautangi c1947, on her moorings, in Wakatakataka Bay, which was right by the Tamaki Drive Bridge, just out from the Tamaki Drive rock base wall. — KEN R


  2. The centre launch bears a remarkable resemblance to Phyllis M, the upturned bow and rounded coach front to name two. Perhaps also built by Fred Mann.

    On Sat, 7 Mar 2020, 5:31 AM #1 for classic wooden bo


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