Several months ago I took Raindance out for a charge the battery run, and while heading up the harbour I spotted the Pollard Brothers towing another acquisition to their fleet.
On-route I assumed to West Harbour.
Then just before xmas I was sniffing around the WH hardstand and I spotted the same launch I had seen being towed. Turns out her name is Olivette and she has received some TCL.
What do we know about her, I seem to recall a trademe listing?

1 thought on “Olivette

  1. Good to see the Ark Royal go to owners who appreciate wooden boats and do the work necessary to preserve her.i purchased her from family friend,Jim McCauley in 2003 had known the boat for some time before that and understood he took her over in 1955 from Charles Blackburn of Egremont St Belmont she spent most of her life with Jim in Ngataringa Bay in a creek below his house in Kawerau Ave and later on a mooring below the Navy Flats in Wakakura Cres.Jim had Shipbuiders replace a Rugby engine with new engine beds and the Bukh early Seventies.Jim worked on fishing boats out of the Viaduct,and the Ark Royal was well known there.a much used and enjoyed boat over the years


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