Mystery Kiwi Buyer – Australian Woody – Rose

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Mystery Kiwi Buyer – Australian Woody -Rose

After yesterdays balls up around the launch Spindrift I have decided to give launches a wide berth today.
In Australia the Couta Boat and the people that sail them are legendary, up there in status with our Mullet Boats.
Now as a result of some social media mooching we have uncovered that a Couta Boat designed and built by master shipwright Jeremy Clowes at Cygnet Wooden Boats in Tasmania has been sold to a New Zealand owner. The photos above show the boat – named Rose, being loaded on to a truck for the trip to Devonport, Tasmania, where she will be shipped to Melbourne then onto another ship to NZ.
All we know about the Kiwi owner is his name is Dave and he resides in Ngatea.
So woodys – can we ‘out’ this Dave and also find out where she will be kepted – hopefully not in a mud berth in Thames 🙂
I’m sure there are a lot of woodys that would like the chance to view Rose when she arrives – so Dave, hint hint…… can we have a look?
(Photos ex Simon Perigo & Matt Morris)
31-07-2020 Update – Thanks to a call from Dave Giddens, I got to see the recently arrived / unloaded Tasmanian built Couta Boat – Rose. They were stepping my mast.