Mystery Launch 01-11-2023 – Waipeke

Mystery Launch 01-11-2022 – Waipeke

Todays woody photo was sent in by Nathan Herbert and comes to us from Lance Lange, grandson of boatbuilder Phil Lang, so there’s your 1st clue 😉 Rather a smart looking woody – can we put a name to her?

UPDATE – as advised by everyone and confirmed by Nathan Herbert – the launch is – Waipeke. Photo below ex Ken Ricketts

Wooden Boat Folk Series – today we also get to view latest release from the crew at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, the video showcases the 1892 yacht – Clara. Launched in 1892 by Thomas Williams at the Domain Slipway in Hobart. 

Clara is possibly the 2nd oldest wooden craft in Tasmania still afloat. Enjoy !

Read more on the up coming (Feb 10 >13th 2023) festival here

The Younger Generation – Australian Wooden Boat Festival Film

The Younger Generation

Our friends across the ditch in Tasmania that pull together the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, commission some wonderful short films that provide an insight into the people and vessels that help make the AWBF so special.

We have featured several in the past and todays one is just such a cool, warm, feel good story. We meet Matt and Iefke – a young couple that were drawn together by a shared passion for wooden boats and are now building the boat of their dreams – Tarkine. 

Both Matt and Iefke take us on the journey of how they meet, and express in words the reason why we do what we do and why we love wooden boats.

If today is anything weather wise like yesterday – find that spot x in the house and sit back and enjoy this short film.

To learn more about the upcoming Australian Wooden Boat Festival  – Feb 10>13 2023 – Hobart Waterfront – click here

Mystery Kiwi Buyer – Australian Woody – Rose

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 5.01.48 AM

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 5.01.05 AM

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 5.10.06 AM

Mystery Kiwi Buyer – Australian Woody -Rose

After yesterdays balls up around the launch Spindrift I have decided to give launches a wide berth today.
In Australia the Couta Boat and the people that sail them are legendary, up there in status with our Mullet Boats.
Now as a result of some social media mooching we have uncovered that a Couta Boat designed and built by master shipwright Jeremy Clowes at Cygnet Wooden Boats in Tasmania has been sold to a New Zealand owner. The photos above show the boat – named Rose, being loaded on to a truck for the trip to Devonport, Tasmania, where she will be shipped to Melbourne then onto another ship to NZ.
All we know about the Kiwi owner is his name is Dave and he resides in Ngatea.
So woodys – can we ‘out’ this Dave and also find out where she will be kepted – hopefully not in a mud berth in Thames 🙂
I’m sure there are a lot of woodys that would like the chance to view Rose when she arrives – so Dave, hint hint…… can we have a look?
(Photos ex Simon Perigo & Matt Morris)
31-07-2020 Update – Thanks to a call from Dave Giddens, I got to see the recently arrived / unloaded Tasmanian built Couta Boat – Rose. They were stepping my mast.
27-09-2020 Update from Dennis Maconaghie – Rose she is now residing and much admired just off Hannafords Wharf in Te Kouma, Coromandel


FRANKLIN - mv NANCY - 7/12/19

FRANKLIN mv NANCY -7/12/19

FRANKLIN - mv NANCY and a skiff -7/12/19


Today’s story features another woody spotted by Andrew Hewitt during his recent trip to Tasmania , Australia – the launch Nancy is one of the lucky ones as she is in the ‘Living Boat Trust’ collection. The trust is based in Franklin on the Huon River, south west of Hobart.

Nancy was built in 1917 by well known Hobart builder – AA ’Tucker’ Abel. Was used as a ferry on both the Derwent and Huon Rivers, until at least the 1950’s. Sent time also as a flying boat tender on the Derwent River.

Andrew commented that Nancy’s continued existence is much thanks to the generosity of the donors Martin and Judy Krynen, who took her to Noosa in Queensland, restored her and then decided she really belonged in Tasmania and donated her to the Living Boat Trust, including paying for road freight  to return her to Franklin. (Judy  is an ex-pat South Islander and both lived in NZ for many years)

Nancy is available for hire to LBT members, and based at the marina in Franklin. More info at

Andrew also wishes to acknowledge his contact (and LBT member) Martin Riddle

Is that a St Ayles skiff alongside?

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 7.36.38 PM


Woodys Waiheke BBQ & Pizza

Woodys On Tour – Tasmania


Woodys On Tour – Tasmania

Last month I was contacted by Andrew Hewitt from Ashburton who in December (2019) had jumped the ditch for a trip to Tasmania – I’ll let Andrew tell the story – 
“This last December, my partner and I made a trip to Tasmania. We built the trip around three key booked experiences, one of which was a bit of a ‘sail’ on the ketch ‘Yukon’ on the Huon River from Franklin. We spent some time in Franklin, visiting the Wooden Boat Centre, and exploring the woodies abundant in the harbour. As old houses and old boats go together, and one thing leads to another… we ended up being introduced to a fellow ‘woody’ enthusiast who’s involved in the Wooden Boat Centre, and invited into his vintage home – lovely and welcoming people. So over a couple of further days we’d finished exploring the greater Huon valley area, and south coast up to Hobart, we travelled across to the West Coast and spent some time there also.

What an amazing place to visit. So much to see. In pretty much every little bay we nosed into, there would be at least two or three classic woodies waiting to be photographed. My own interest aside, I did take quite a few with your website in mind, as I’m sure the readership would enjoy seeing them. 

For starters, here’s a selection from what I found in STRAHAN (pronounced ‘strawn’) over on the Macquarie Harbour, West Coast. That green (almost a bridgedecker to look at; lovely counter too) one was quite an attractive boat. And ‘Mayfair’ , appears to be an old passenger launch (see interior pic for detail). I love the fact that these old girls are still all original (in their working clothes) and unmolested, probably by virtue that Strahan is away in the middle of no-where pretty much, and maybe it costs bugger all for the moorings so they’ve just been tied up and left to rest there….. For those restorers amongst us, if only we could get our hands on at least one and bring it home…. “

Update – received the photos below from Ross Mason who is just back from a cruise (big liner). One of the stops was Hobart where Ross came across the pretty woody, she is approx. 60’, hull is Spotted Gum, deck Aust Mahogany. zoom zoom 8 cylinder Gardner. Just back in the water after paint job. Cray pots are Teatree which the owner prefers and only one guy left in Aust who makes them. Works the southern and western coasts. Looked at a similar boat with the same engine done 55000 hours (proper marine engine). 

Woodys Waiheke BBQ & Pizza

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Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2019 – Photo Parade – 200 Classic Wooden Boat Photos – Part 1




Well woodys while I was gutted that I had to cancel my trip to the festival, I honestly believe that we have ended up with a better view of the festival. I have been inundated with photos from woodys from both sides of the Tasman. The coolest thing is that the show is so big and the exhibitions so broad, that there have hardly been any duplications – my new best Aussie woody friend – Andrew Christie has excelled with photos from the air (drone) and on the water (he borrowed a clinker dinghy from the ‘Living Boat Trust’ and rowed around the docks). My kiwi woody friends –  Colin and Sheryl Pawson + Fiona Driver and Rod Marler + James Mortimer  have supplemented Andrew’s photos with more stunning photos from their camera’s. As an aside Andrew won the AWBF 2019 short film festival, with his entry ‘Wooden Boat Lunacy’ featuring a Billy Holmes built motorboat – Folly III. This short film has been featured on WW – link here
Rather than mix them all up – I thought it would cool to group them by photographer. There will be more to share with you over the next few days, seems like everyone has maxed out the mobile data packages 🙂
Remember you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them – Enjoy
Andrew Christie




James Mortimer
Photo 8-02-19, 08 45 37
Colin Pawson



Fiona D and Rod M

A Very Big Woody Weekend Down Under




A Very Big Woody Weekend Down Under
This weekend is a very big woody weekend DOWNUNDER, we have the Lake Rotoiti Classic& Wooden Boat Parade in NZ and over in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia – it’s the bi-annual Australian Wooden Boat Festival.
Both events are huge and will be covered by waitematawoodys. Starting with the AWBF tomorrow (Monday). I have Woodys at both events sending in photos, including drone video footage, which brings a whole new perspective to our coverage.
The photos above come to us from Colin Pawson & Andrew Christie
Below is a short drone video of the fleet in what they call the Parade of Sail on the River Derwent. Many thanks to Australian woody, Andrew Christie for this video and tomorrows photo gallery.

We cover everything on woodys – from mega events to a guy trying to track down the P-Class yacht his father built for him 55 years ago 🙂 Does anyone know the where-about of P500 (Duffy Duck) ? Paul Silva would love to know that she is still around and if possible have a look at her. He’s also keen to buy her – so woodys can anyone help Paul out?

2017 Australian Wooden Boat Festival – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.


2017 Australian Wooden Boat Festival – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Today’s post is a photo gallery from last weekends wooden boat extravaganza in Hobart. The photos are from the camera of David Smith & sent in by Simon Smith.

Chatting with CYA Chairman, Peter Mence, on Friday night at the Vos Shed for the launch of the late Peter Peal’s magnificent  book ‘Thoughts On Clinker Lapstrake Dinghy Construction’ – Pete Mence was singing the shows praises having just returned from the Hobart. I must move it up my bucket list 🙂

At the book launch, I heard some positive talk about the future of the Vos Shed from the pollys & their hanger-ons, lets hope they stay true to the cause.