Mystery Launch 01-11-2023 – Waipeke

Mystery Launch 01-11-2022 – Waipeke

Todays woody photo was sent in by Nathan Herbert and comes to us from Lance Lange, grandson of boatbuilder Phil Lang, so there’s your 1st clue 😉 Rather a smart looking woody – can we put a name to her?

UPDATE – as advised by everyone and confirmed by Nathan Herbert – the launch is – Waipeke. Photo below ex Ken Ricketts

Wooden Boat Folk Series – today we also get to view latest release from the crew at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, the video showcases the 1892 yacht – Clara. Launched in 1892 by Thomas Williams at the Domain Slipway in Hobart. 

Clara is possibly the 2nd oldest wooden craft in Tasmania still afloat. Enjoy !

Read more on the up coming (Feb 10 >13th 2023) festival here

3 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 01-11-2023 – Waipeke

  1. We owned Waipeke in the late1970’s. Great little ship! Purchased her from Bob Cairns. Had her for about four years then sold her to Kerry Alexanders in laws. I believe she’s still in Whangerei.


  2. #1 I have an image of the WAIPEKE taken at Whangarei in May 2015 & there are real similarities, however, my image is taken from the port side, with no door in the cabintop, but she may just have 1 door on the other side, & also the cockpit cabintop is different to a degree & she has a flying bridge as at 2015, — ( which fits her quite well). Both images steer from the RH side. KEN R

    #2 Have found more images of WAIPEKE, & there is a door on the starboard side.

    #3 WAIPEKE is also 2 skins 1 full length & one diagonal & was featured in an earlier woodys post on 9.6.2020


  3. Our family had a launch (in 1970s) that looks very similar. Her name was Waipeke. Lovely hull.

    Philip – You are not alone in your thinking – Kerry Alexander emailed me suggesting Waipeke also. Alan H


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