A Very Big Woody Weekend Down Under




A Very Big Woody Weekend Down Under
This weekend is a very big woody weekend DOWNUNDER, we have the Lake Rotoiti Classic& Wooden Boat Parade in NZ and over in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia – it’s the bi-annual Australian Wooden Boat Festival.
Both events are huge and will be covered by waitematawoodys. Starting with the AWBF tomorrow (Monday). I have Woodys at both events sending in photos, including drone video footage, which brings a whole new perspective to our coverage.
The photos above come to us from Colin Pawson & Andrew Christie
Below is a short drone video of the fleet in what they call the Parade of Sail on the River Derwent. Many thanks to Australian woody, Andrew Christie for this video and tomorrows photo gallery.
We cover everything on woodys – from mega events to a guy trying to track down the P-Class yacht his father built for him 55 years ago 🙂 Does anyone know the where-about of P500 (Duffy Duck) ? Paul Silva would love to know that she is still around and if possible have a look at her. He’s also keen to buy her – so woodys can anyone help Paul out?

1 thought on “A Very Big Woody Weekend Down Under

  1. Finding an old P-class is easy, finding a specific one is really difficult.

    I track P- 500 (Auckland), in print as Daffy Duck, through the following owners and dates:

    Paul Silva 1963/67; R. Griffin 1967/68+?; G.D. Sale 1971+?; Caroline Allum 1975?/76+?
    She won the Alf Keenan Cup at Victoria Cruising Club in 1967.

    Looks like she was owned by my late lamented mate Gudge (Gordon Sale) in 1971.

    Anyhow, she disappears after that last entry, but in 1978, this appears….
    P500, Duffin registered to K.A. Westlake;
    Probably the same boat but equally could be a new one.


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